Does audio enhance eLearning?

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Last week one of our developers (Hannah) was at an eLearning industry event. A straw poll was taken and the majority in the room were against using audio (e.g. spoken narration) in the modules they create.  This surprised us and caused a bit of discussion in the office.  For us, audio has always been at the core of what we do. Our best corporate material would lose its magic without it.

It's true there are times when use of audio isn't an option.  Some clients want training delivered in an office environment where headphones aren't available. Multi-lingual materials create a huge overhead if you have to do separate audio tracks.  Single lingual packs, for instance in English, that have learners for whom English is a second language will be better delivered as text enabling true self-paced learning. The alternative may be having the pace dictated by a narrator they struggle to understand. Some subject matter and individual learning styles may also lead you to conclude audio isn't appropriate for a particular course.  Indeed, we're putting together a pack for a client at the moment that has no sound for a number of these reasons.

But all that said, we can't imagine why without a specific reason you would exclude audio by default! For our bread and butter corporate 'knowledge share' style eLearning, thoughtful narration, with a good UI enhances eLearning immeasurably. If you do it right there is no need to surrender a sense of the learning being self-paced.

Just imagine the impact that would be lost from >THIS QUICK LOW-TECH DEMO< (click link) if we didn't have sound!

Audio and narration is something we work hard on. It isn't always appropriate, but more often than not it is.

If you're interested in working with us to put together eLearning that makes full use of the spoken word please get in touch. It's what we do.

VEGAS BABY! GuyKat will be at DevLearn 2012

This October GuyKat Solutions will be represented at DevLearn 2012 in Las Vegas.  Hosted by our professional body 'The eLearning Guild',  DevLearn is the premier global conference for showcasing the latest learning technologies and thought-leadership.   Our clients can be assured that the tricks we pick-up in October will enhance their content in November.  We aim is to stay at the forefront of learning innovation.  Always.

If you're going to DevLearn and our interested in meeting to discuss collaborative opportunities then please contact us directly or give @guykat a shout on Twitter.

GuyKat MD at Downing Street

GuyKat founder and MD Guy McEvoy was at an event at 10 Downing Street hosted by the Prime Minister yesterday. Topics discussed included the outlook for small business in 2012 and how technology advances can enable economic growth. Guy believes that there are huge opportunities for more effective eLearning across  every department of central Government.

Whilst most folk casually walked into the building with a cool air of 'I come here all the time', Guy behaved like an out-of-town-provincial-yokel-tourist let loose in the big smoke. He literally held up the passage of government by shamelessly blocking the door to get 'the photo'.   Guy's moto is "If you don't get the photo, it didn't happen'.

The Prime Minister was eventually able to leave the building through his own front door and was only slightly late for his meeting with the President of Pakistan.

DevLearn trophies


 Look who won at the eLearning Development Conference in Utah! Guy McEvoy is founder of GuyKat Solutions.

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