In honour of Learning at Work Week, we’re sharing five benefits of promoting lifelong learning in the workplace. 

About Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week is a national event that takes place in May. Co-ordinated by Campaign for Learning, the aim of the week is to promote a culture of workplace learning. 

Learning at Work’s theme this year is ‘Learning Uncovered.’ It aims to enrich our understanding, knowledge, and attitudes toward lifelong learning by exploring:

  • The importance of lifelong learning and supporting it 
  • What we can do as individuals and in our work communities to promote lifelong learning 
  • Lifelong learning’s benefits and opportunities for work and life 

At GuyKat, we are committed to creating a culture of learning and actively encourage our employees to engage in lifelong learning. In fact, our recruitment efforts focus on finding people who have a strong desire to learn – people who are committed to their own personal growth. But what are the benefits of promoting lifelong learning in the workplace?

#1 Enhances skillset & productivity 

The more time people spend learning, the more skills they acquire. Engaging in lifelong learning can stimulate curiosity, which has an effect on an employee’s working attitude. This benefits both employers and employees, as employees who engage in lifelong learning are more productive and fill any skill gaps that may exist within the organisation. This also reduces recruitment costs, since companies with an expanded set of skills within their employees will be able to cover the growing needs, which is much cheaper than advertising new jobs online.

#2 Improves mental well-being & self-confidence

When people become more knowledgeable or skilled in a specific area, it increases their self-confidence in all aspects of their life – both professionally and personally. Engaging in lifelong learning can improve an employee’s confidence and ability to apply what they’ve learned in the workplace. Additionally, learning new skills helps employees discover a new sense of purpose, which improves their self-confidence and well-being, and makes them more likely to progress their careers further.

#3 Improves client satisfaction

Not only does encouraging lifelong learning boost employee motivation, but it also improves the client’s satisfaction because the employee now knows new ways to approach their work. As a result, businesses can thrive.

#4 It can create a more collaborative working environment

Employees who are encouraged to learn often do so by learning about each other’s roles within the company. This gives them a deeper understanding of departments outside their own. Both employees and organisations benefit from this since it allows them to remain aligned on their goals and promotes collaboration among teams. By empowering employees to teach other employees, they deepen their skills of communication and teamwork. Additionally, this will foster a culture of learning throughout the organisation.

#5 Employee loyalty is increased 

When an organisation dedicates time to its employees, it motivates them to stay with the company for a longer period. When employees feel valued, they build trust with their employers, as well as their confidence. 

Need some ideas on how to promote lifelong learning within your organisation? Check out our article on How GuyKat Promotes Lifelong Learning, As Told By GuyKat’s Noor, Graduate Trainee.