lifelong learningAs part of Learning at Work Week, we spoke with one of GuyKat’s Graduate Trainees, Noor, to get her perspective on how we promote lifelong learning at GuyKat.

About Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week is a national event that takes place in May. Co-ordinated by Campaign for Learning, the aim of the week is to promote a culture of workplace learning.

Learning at Work’s theme this year is ‘Learning Uncovered.’ It aims to enrich our understanding, knowledge, and attitudes toward lifelong learning by exploring:

  • The importance of lifelong learning and supporting it 
  • What we can do as individuals and in our work communities to promote lifelong learning 
  • Lifelong learning’s benefits and opportunities for work and life 

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Tell me what you think of GuyKat’s approach to learning. How does it help you become more effective in your work? 

I find GuyKat’s approach to learning very encouraging. We’re always encouraged to help others and participate in knowledge-sharing sessions where we can learn from one another. We’re also encouraged to spend time on individual learning, and have the option to book individual learning time in our calendars where we spend time getting to grips with a specific topic. As long as you’re showing commitment to your own learning, GuyKat is very flexible in how you approach that.

How do you feel about the practical learning you’ve experienced at GuyKat compared to your experience at university?

The learning experience I’ve had at GuyKat is so different from my experience at university. At GuyKat, the learning is much more hands-on in the sense that I can steer my learning in the direction that I would like to take it. Learning at university compared to working in a real job scenario can be quite different. However, I have gained useful transferable skills which have been beneficial to my role.

How does GuyKat support your learning?

Guy, the Founder & CEO of GuyKat, arranges monthly one-to-one meetings where we discuss how we are doing, any goals we would like to work towards, and have a general check-in to make sure we are doing okay, which I really appreciate. During my content rotation, I am also assigned an ‘onBuddy’, which refers to an onboarding buddy. An onboarding buddy is someone who is designated to each graduate who we go to for support and frequent check-ins. Our weekly meetings allow us to speak with someone who is very familiar with your role, as they have done it themselves, and gives us a chance to learn from more experienced colleagues.

Why do you think it’s important to work for a company that supports lifelong learning?

Being a part of a company like GuyKat, that supports lifelong learning, is really helpful to our personal development as we’re encouraged to continually learn new skills. People want to feel that they’re evolving and going up the career ladder, rather than remaining in their current position, so working for a company that supports learning is highly valuable. Additionally, GuyKat is very good at understanding each person’s individual strengths and taking into account their differences.

What’s the most valuable piece of learning you’ve gained from working at GuyKat?

Since joining GuyKat, I’ve learned how to manage my own time very well. The roles at GuyKat are very autonomous. Our teams are trusted to work to deadlines and encouraged to take full responsibility for their own schedules/tasks. I have also become a lot more confident in myself, because of the learning and growth opportunities GuyKat has provided me.

What do you enjoy the most about learning?

I enjoy trying new things and the variety that brings. No day is ever the same when you’re learning something new.