eLearning mistakes

There are many mistakes instructional designers can make when creating an eLearning course. In this blog post, we’ll be going through five common mistakes to avoid when creating your eLearning.

#1 Bombarding the learner with text

Having too much text on the screen bombards the learner with information. Make it more digestible by using concise sentences.

#2 Not following learning goals and objectives

Achieving the learning goals should be the top priority. It’s important to have identified these learning goals before you start development. Without undertaking this exercise, the eLearning will likely be an ineffective brain dump, rather than a quality learning experience.

#3 Forgetting about the target audience

When creating eLearning, you always want to have the target audience in mind. Research into your target audience. Take into account their level of education, their learning style, and what they will be expecting from the course. If you build with these points in mind, you’ll be far more likely to create a solution that keeps your target learners engaged.

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#4 Difficult navigation

Unintuitive navigation will frustrate learners and diminish completion. Think about the interface and most importantly have a real target learner test it before launch. Watch them progress through the course and any time they look confused about what to do next, you know you have something to fix.

#5 Using too many distracting graphics

An eLearning course that has too much going on visually will likely distract the learner. Like the use of too much text, too much imagery will only distract the learner, especially if they’re not relevant to the topic.