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FLOWSPARKS is an enterprise grade content authoring tool. It empowers internal teams to make credible eLearning quickly, without requiring expertise in instructional design, visual design or technical development.

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In the world of eLearning, there is an ongoing debate: is it better to handle training in-house or outsource it?

At GuyKat, we have a specialist content development team who can help you design and build your content. If you are feeling more confident, we recommend FLOWSPARKS to enable you to do it yourself! Allowing you to become expert content creators who can produce beautiful, compelling learning content within days.


The instructional templates on FLOWSPARKS makes it easy for anyone to develop their own eLearning. Allowing you to digitize your knowledge, regardless of your tech level.

If you’re not happy with something, you can make real-time adjustments in the FLOWSPARKS content editor. These changes are displayed immediately everywhere the content has been published.

Others are able to review your eLearning module easily with FLOWSPARKS integrated review tool. All you have to do is click on an element, add a comment, and save. It’s as simple as that!

All FLOWSPARKS templates and formats are fully responsive on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. All interactive elements, such as buttons and animations, are predefined and work right away.

FLOWSPARKS offers one-click AI translations built-in through platforms like Google or DeepL. Its form-based approach to authoring ensures that formats automatically adapt to the new content, regardless of text variations between languages.

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FLOWSPARKS is a SaaS Solution (Software as a Service) so developers don’t need to install anything. Users can log in to the platform from anywhere.

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How can GuyKat support you with FLOWSPARKS?

After you purchase FLOWSPARKS, we provide additional services to help you get up and running quickly:


Graphic design

You are the subject matter expert, but if you struggle to create visuals for your content, we offer design services tailored for the FLOWSPARKS software. We provide graphic designs that brings your projects to life or offer support in design best practices.



We are experts in FLOWSPARKS, and our friendly team provide comprehensive coaching to help you master the software. We offer regular and personalised calls, ensuring a supportive and flexible approach tailored to your business goals.



We provide recommendations for using the software, and focus on saving you time and elevating the quality of your eLearning content.

Want to try AI-Powered Content Creation?

Introducing the AI Co-Author by FlowSparks. This innovative tool revolutionises eLearning creation, making it easier and more efficient than ever. With the AI Co-Author, you can generate interactive eLearning content, including images and interactions, faster than ever while maintaining quality and infusing a layer of creativity.