What’s the need?

Some clients identify a fundamental gap in the functional capability of either their LMS or courseware that can only be filled with a full bespoke development.

Why GuyKat?

We have an in-house team of software developers who specialise in both Web-technologies and Learning technologies. The team can build bespoke software solutions both to improve or enhance learners’ interaction with the LMS or with eLearning content. This team typically create solutions that plug gaps in the functionality of commercial eLearning/LMS software.

Example projects:

Building custom learning objects/interactions/games as part of the flow of a course.

Building bespoke, fully responsive mobile sign-up forms for an LMS that can capture more data than the out-the-box functionality of the LMS.

Configuring server-side reporting solutions or dashboard widgets to introduce non-native functionality to the LMS UI/UX.

At GuyKat, we have an experienced software development team that develop bespoke, mobile compatible and fully responsive solutions.