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  • Typically any learning is delivered through a mix of classroom-based, instructor-led training, peer-led on-the-job training or the sharing of job aids and instruction manuals.

  • You have no Learning Technology in place.

  • You have limited skill and confidence in leveraging technology so the delivery is inconsistent. 

  • You have off-the-shelf courses online, but they are hosted by the course vendor and you have no Learning Management System (LMS)/Learning Platform in place.
  • You may be using webinar technology for instructor-led training.

Foundation to Grow

  • The technology is there but not fully exploited in the learning culture. For example, it may only be used for compliance training. 
  • There is limited content for professional development.

  • There is a single enterprise Learning Platform.
  • You have introduced course catalogues and basic tracking of course completion.
  • You use booking and instructor allocation systems to manage classroom-based training.

Enterprise Ready

  • You have a large library of blended learning content, including a full mix of classroom-based, off-the-shelf, and custom eLearning training.
  • There is a learning community and a professional development curriculum.

  • You have an established Learning Platform with some more advanced features (such as forums) enabled.
  • Learning engagement is tracked via a Learning Platform, but not proactively sought out.

Learning Organisation

  • You are able to self-enrol on courses and take accountability for your learning.
  • Courses and training plans are fully tailored to job profiles. In many instances, you can access external training libraries on-demand.
  • Mobile learning makes content accessible anywhere, at any time.

  • Your Learning Platform is integrated into your wider internal technology infrastructure.
  • Gamification elements are introduced to your eLearning modules and Learning Platform to drive uptake and continuous learning.
  • Adaptive and responsive content is optimised for mobile devices.

Mature Learning

  • User generated content supports your learning culture and the organisation is built on knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
  • AI makes personalised recommendations of content.
  • Content is distributed based on individual talent plans, making each learning journey personal.

  • Social learning and collaboration platforms are at the hear of your Learning Platform.
  • A digitally enabled culture of sharing content underpins how the organisation works.
  • Your learning strategy evolves in line with the business. The business facilitates change by taking risks and championing new ways of working and learning.

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