"I want to build the company I would want to work for"

— Guy McEvoy, CEO and Founder of GuyKat, 2010

We’re a learning technology company, it would be nuts if we didn’t employ people who have a passion for learning and technology.  By ‘passion for learning’ we mean people committed to their own personal growth. People who bounce into work wanting to learn something new every single day.  People who understand how other people learn and want to support both their colleagues and our clients by helping them to learn. 

By ‘passion for technology’ we mean people who know how blessed we are to live in this age.  We embrace advances in digital tools to empower the way we work and the way we communicate.  We know what’s going on in our industry, we’ve always an eye on the ‘next big thing’ but try never to be blinded by it.

We genuinely want all our employees to outgrow their current job.  We support people who want to climb the career ladder. They will be helped by those ahead of them and expected in turn to help those behind them.

We have a quite flat hierarchy. The difference between our most senior people and junior people isn’t intelligence, attitude or talent.  The only difference is experience and deeper knowledge. Everyone has a voice. Everyone is listened to.

"I want you to build the company you want to work for"

— Guy McEvoy, CEO and Founder of GuyKat, speaking to staff, 2020

Some of our team moments…