According to research by the Open University, 91% of UK businesses are struggling to find workers with the right skills. So, it’s a no-brainer that strengthening your current employees’ skills is the best way to mitigate the lack of strong candidates.

There are many options you can take to address this, this post focuses on working with an outside agency. Agencies have access to resources that individual freelancers and small businesses don’t.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing an eLearning Agency?

  1. A good learning agency will have everything you need in one place – learning management systems (LMS), content creation, user experience experts, and professional services. You can access the deep expertise of the whole team across every area. By contrast, if you use contractors/freelancers, they tend to either have deep expertise in one particular niche, else be a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.  
  2. Agencies have ‘been there, done that’ with countless other organisations, many likely similar to you. You gain the benefit of their hard-earned experience and avoid your internal team wasting time reinventing wheels.
  3. The best agencies are aware of the newest and most effective eLearning and self-paced learning options. Instructional design is a professional skill. You can’t just take a subject matter expert from your organisation and expect them to play this role. Partnering them with a trained instructional designer from an agency will make a huge difference to the quality of the learning you produce.
  4. Working with technology can be hard. There is a learning curve to gain these skills and then an overhead in maintaining them. Having internal resource putting effort into this will be at the expense of time spent on detailed content. Content is king. Work with a good agency and you can concentrate on the content, and let the agency worry about the technology.
  5. A great agency will think bigger than the current project. They will support your L&D in building a strategy to use technology to create a great learning culture.

Choosing the right agency is a challenge in itself. At GuyKat we have helped organisations all over the world enjoy these benefits. We’re particularly proud of our work to partner with clients on point number 5 and help them mature their digital learning capability.