We’re passionate about your success. We don’t want to be your supplier, we want to be your partner.

We work collaboratively to understand your business and learner’s needs. We blend our passion for technology and instructional design with your subject expertise. Together, we’ll find the best approach for your budget.

Custom development

We build your eLearning in your own brand, your own corporate voice developed with our UX magic. We typically deliver projects in weeks, not months.

Our bronze development means you can ensure a quick conversion of existing content in a bite-size format (non-audio).

Our silver development allows us to take your content (in whatever format) and redesign the module with the in-house creation of graphics.

Our gold development includes a custom storyboard developed with the support of our instructional designers (with or without professional voiceover artist) and a module created with added graphics, interactivity and high use of animations.

You can work with our award-winning team to create a unique module that is user-driven, branched and bespoke – with advanced gaming, audio, video and custom-coded functionality.

If you have a large course, you can mix-and-match different development levels for different parts of your learning journey. Every client is different, and we can talk through what will work best for you.

Instructional design consulting

We work with some of the biggest brands on the planet. So, we are fluent in the language of professional business.

We appreciate you are the subject experts. We work with you to understand your content and then we script and storyboard your eLearning modules in your unique corporate voice.

We can script videos, eLearning modules and animations that will be recorded by an in-house professional voiceover artist. Our scripts are professional and succinct.  Our goal is to get the key learning messages across in the shortest screen time possible.

Over the years, we have perfected our own in-house style of storyboarding. A storyboard shows how we intend to develop your training before we begin the build. This gives you confidence in the project from the very start and avoids wasted development time.

Video development & editing

Increasingly, video is seen as a key part of online learning. We provide several video production services:

We can edit video clips, add opening/closing animation sequences and lower thirds to showcase your footage.

We create short, (roughly 2-minute) animated videos that bring an idea or communication to life. This can include a professional voice-over or background music and designed to match your corporate branding. This a great way to get a learning objective across in a visual way!

We partner with a professional video studio in the UK to enable full green-screen and high-definition videos.

Graphic design

eLearning is more engaging when it looks fantastic. 

If you have corporate branding guidelines our team will ensure we stay on brand. Every eLearning module we build is created from scratch. We never use stock templates. We believe your training should be unique and beautiful.

1. Edit images and photos to ensure a high-quality finish.

2. Create graphics from scratch in your chosen style.

3. Design bespoke concept art of your content so you can visualise your training before development begins.

4. Redesign an eLearning module to fit your branding guidelines.

5. Use our UI expertise to build intuitive menus, buttons and course layouts.

6. Support rebranding and update logos/fonts/colours/graphics of previous eLearning modules.

Translations & localisation of content

Our courses have been taken by tens of thousands of professionals all over the world. We understand the need to make eLearning multi-lingual and the challenges that can create.

We offer three stress-free translation services:

Once you have a module developed in English, then, we can work with you to make multiple language versions. We have partnership arrangements that allow us to work with over 50 global languages.

If you already have translation capabilities in-house, we can work cost-effectively by providing a document containing all the wording in the original eLearning module, you return it having filled in how you wish each phrase to be translated, and then we handle building the new version of the training in your chosen language.

For video development, we can provide translated subtitles to share a video quickly across the globe.

Additional services

We can also support you with additional materials, or technical support for your wider blended learning programs.

Examples of our other services include:

If you have a webinar recording or video that you wish to host on an LMS and track your user’s completion, you might want to convert this into SCORM format.  We call this process ‘SCORM wrapping’.

We have developed our own software to convert any video (.mp4 file) into a SCORM. Commercially available eLearning authoring tools are typically limited in the functionality when converting video into SCORM so our solution includes a fully functional video player for the optimal end-user experience. Our services can include editing the source video e.g. removing parts of the webinar when people are joining before it starts and to clean-up/remove obvious mistakes in the webinar narrative. We can also add in professional opening and closing animations and bespoke branding. Navigation can also be added if you want to give users the ability to easily jump to different sections of your video.

Do you have supporting or takeaway materials for your course?  We create beautifully designed PDFs that can be printed and/or interactive. Quality takeaway materials can be a powerful way of keeping the key learning points from your course at your learners’ fingertips.

Games are a great way to engage with your audience. We include quizzing in all of our eLearning modules but if you would prefer a separate assessment or pure quizzing/gaming to test knowledge or provide entertainment we can ‘level up’ your training.  These can also be SCORM-compliant and offer a range of reporting options, dependent on your need.

We can design images and infographics that share communications visually. These can be inserted into emails or in other documents. Our graphics team are great at creating bespoke graphics to suit any topic. All deliverables will be shared in either .jpg or .png format.

How can GuyKat help create engaging content for my company?


Why choose eLearning?

Consistent delivery

Every learner will have access to the same course every time. You only release a course when you are confident it fully meets the learning outcomes.

Self-paced learning

Some learners understand new concepts instantly, while others may need more time to reflect. We ensure your users can set their own pace.


Your eLearning modules could have quizzes, drag-and-drop games or various other activities to create an engaging learning experience.


In-house recorded audio supplements any graphics to aid your users in meeting the learning objectives.

24/7 availability

eLearning can be accessed at any time, allowing your users to be more flexible with their schedules.


eLearning cuts all kinds of training costs, such as venue or travel expenses. It is also more efficient in delivering content, saving your staff time and effort.