Why choose GuyKat?

We’re passionate about our customer success.

We don’t want our clients to see us as a supplier. We want them to see us as a partner.

We strive to make learning content as future proof as possible.

We can build HTML5 and responsive content for all devices. Our work can be built to be compliant with SCORM or xAPI standards.

We’re experienced. We work with some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Our online training has been undertaken by thousands of professionals all over the world.

We’re flexible and adaptable to the needs of individual clients.

We have our delivery methodology, but are adaptable to fit in with your project processes if preferred.


We are fluent in the language of professional business.


We use instructional design to develop effective solutions.


We deliver most projects in weeks rather than months.


We ensure your eLearning is tested and bug free.

Our award winning team can work with your subject matter experts to build beautiful, intuitive and engaging content.

Some brands we've worked with.

Why choose eLearning?

Consistent Delivery:

Every learner will have access to the same course every time. You only release a course when you are confident it fully meets the learning outcomes.

Self-paced Learning:

Some learners understand new concepts instantly, while others may need more time to reflect. We ensure your users can set their own pace.


Your eLearning modules could have quizzes, drag-and-drop games or various other activities to create an engaging learning experience.


In-house recorded audio supplements any graphics to aid your users in meeting the learning objectives.

24/7 Availability:

eLearning can be accessed at any time, allowing your users to be more flexible with their schedules.


eLearning cuts all kinds of training costs, such as venue or travel expenses. It is also more efficient in delivering content, saving your staff time and effort.

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