Who are GuyKat?

GuyKat are a multi-award winning eLearning agency based in Birmingham (UK) with an office in Tampa (US). We work with some of the largest brands on the planet. At our heart we are a people-orientated professional services company. We use technology to help clients transform their learning, training and communication capabilities.

Our Story

What kind of person are we looking for?

Our business is growing very, very quickly. We are looking for great people who want to stay for the ride. We want people who are sincerely trying to find a career rather than just looking for any job. 

To apply, you must have recently graduated (or be expecting to graduate) from a credible higher education institution with at least a bachelor’s degree. Whilst some degree subjects are obvious fits for some of our roles, we welcome candidates from any subject area to apply for our Graduate Trainee Scheme; one of our best technology consultants joined with a degree in film, one of our best designers joined with a degree in history.  A graduate mindset, attitude, work ethic, ambition and passion for self-improvement are far more important than your degree subject.  Given we are fundamentally a learning technology company – it is helpful if you have a passion for one or both of ‘learning’ and ‘technology’.

Mature students and career changers are equally welcome and encouraged to apply.

Our Culture

What is the purpose of the Graduate Trainee Scheme?

Our Graduate Trainee Scheme is a one year programme, involving a variety of placements that are designed to help you:

Get an overview of the business as a whole. Whatever role you end up doing permanently, you will be better at it if you have a wider understanding of how everything works together.  

Find your place. Many of the jobs that GuyKat offers are very niche. It is unlikely that the careers service at your school or university will ever have made you aware of the types of roles we offer. By working in different roles for a year, you will get a much better sense for the direction you wish to take your career.

Upon successful completion of the scheme, you would transition into a permanent role in the business.  We’ll work together to find a permanent role that aligns with your interests, demonstrated capability and our current business needs.

What type of placements can I expect?

Over the course of the year, you can typically expect to complete placements in three different areas:  eLearning Development, Professional Services and Business Development & Administration. 

  • Content

There are subtle variations in roles in the content team.  Depending on your talents and interests, you may find that you focus more or less on any of these aspects:

  • Instructional Design. This involves working with a client to understand the topic they wish to communicate.  The topics may be about anything from ‘how to apply make-up’ through to ‘social media marketing’ or even ‘how to use robotic process automation software’. Our clients are subject experts. Our expertise is communicating the knowledge they wish to share online.  Instructional designers work with the client to decide the correct format for the learning and create a storyboard envisioning the end product.
  • Digital Media/Graphic Design. Communication online is enhanced when thought and skill has been applied to the visual presentation.  We have a team of talented designers whose day jobs involve mastering the Adobe Creative Suite using products like Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design and Premier Pro.
  • Technical Development. Making interactive eLearning work is a developer role. You don’t need any coding knowledge or experience here. We will train you to master various authoring tools, such as Articulate 360, to produce professional products. It may surprise you how quickly anyone, even with no formal IT background, can excel in this area.
  • Quality Assurance/Testing. Clients invest a lot in our work.  It cannot go to them with mistakes or bugs. We also need to know that our bitesize presentation of complex information is clear to any potential learner. To get this quality assurance we need to test, test, test.
  • Business Development and Administration  

This is a core placement and fundamental to understanding the wider business. You may learn about invoicing, bills, vendor management, cashflow, marketing, trade-shows, pipeline management and other ‘back office’ functions that make the business tick.  This placement will give you a flavour of general business management and marketing.

  • Platform

GuyKat partner with Docebo who produce a Learning Management System to host client’s learning content. Clients might be using the system to train their internal staff; they may be using it to educate their customers about their products.  There are many different ways people wish to use the software. Whatever their use case, GuyKat work with Docebo clients all over the world to help them get full value from their investment in Docebo. Our professional services team lead these client engagements.

A placement in the professional services team will be tailored to the individual and may involve time working on a mix of the following types of roles:

  • Implementation Consulting. Working within our team of experts to help establish and execute a plan to get the client up and running with the system.
  • Customer Success. Working with existing clients to understand if they are getting the best out of their system and helping them become familiar with new features as they are introduced.
  • Help Desk/Support. Dealing with inbound queries from clients who need help on how to use the system.
  • UI/UX Enhancement. Changing the look and feel of a system to customise it for a client.  This role would involve learning some HTML and CSS code. As always, we don’t require people to have a computing degree if they show interest in this type of work.
  • Sales. Working with new leads to establish if Docebo LMS is a good fit for them. Alternatively, we work with current Docebo Customers to explore which of our services may further help them to achieve their goals.

Whatever the specifics of the roles you undertake during your time on placement with the Professional Services team you will be exposed to working as part of a team on international projects with a wide variety of business types.

What’s the working culture like?

We’re a learning technology company, it would be nuts if we didn’t employ people who have a passion for learning and technology.  By ‘passion for learning’ we mean people committed to their own personal growth. People who bounce into work wanting to learn something new every single day.  People who understand how other people learn and want to support both their colleagues and our clients by helping them to learn. 

By ‘passion for technology’ we mean people who know how blessed we are to live in this age.  We embrace advances in digital tools to empower the way we work and the way we communicate.  We know what’s going on in our industry, we’ve always an eye on the ‘next big thing’ but try to never be blinded by it.

We genuinely want all our employees to outgrow their current job.  We support people who want to climb the career ladder. They will be helped by those ahead of them and expected in turn to help those behind them.

We have a quite flat hierarchy. The difference between our most senior people and junior people isn’t intelligence, attitude or talent.  The only difference is experience and deeper knowledge. Everyone has a voice. Everyone is listened to.

Our Culture

What will I be paid?

Assuming that your official base will be in Birmingham (UK), the salary for the duration of the Graduate Training Scheme is £22k p.a. plus healthcare, plus pension.  Upon completion of the Graduate Scheme you will be placed into a permanent position in the company and the increased salary will be appropriate to the new role and grad. At GuyKat salaries increase quickly, based on performance. Double-digit percentage increases year on year are normal.

Virtually all our staff have had the opportunity of at least one overseas work trip during their first two years with the company.

How many are you recruiting?  When will the job start?

Depending on the quality of applicants, we will recruit between one to three people to the scheme. GuyKat offers hybrid working for all roles, including the Graduate Scheme, and Graduate Trainees are required to work from the office a minimum of 3 days per week and so you should be located within commutable distance to Birmingham city centre. 

How Do I Apply?

Please submit your application here.

You are required to submit a CV and a cover letter. We cannot stress enough that the cover letter is far more important than the CV.  CVs without any cover letter will be automatically rejected. In your cover letter, you should explain what has caught your eye about this scheme and why GuyKat and this opportunity are attractive to you? If some of your personality can come through in the cover letter, all the better. We’re looking for communicators!

Application deadline: December 2023

Estimated start date: January 2024