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Company Overview

Kiehl’s is an American skincare company, born and bred in New York City, with a passion for sustainability – aiming to generate less waste and reduce carbon emissions through the ingredients they use and the packaging they provide, always keeping safety and efficacy in mind.

Kiehl’s began as a pharmacy in 1851, located in New York’s East Village. For over 170 years, Kiehl’s has provided customers with highly personalized skincare expertise, as well as gained a reputation of searching the world over for some of the most uniquely efficacious botanicals, advanced scientific methods, and minimal packaging. Passed down through generations, the mission of Kiehl’s has always been, and continues to be, guided by founding family member, Aaron Morse, for “making for better citizens, better firms and better communities.”

Learning Challenge

Kiehl’s joined the Docebo learning platform to provide a global, easy-to-use, and educational LMS for Kiehl’s Skincare Experts. Their objective was to provide a highly personalized, accessible, and educational platform where the users, Kiehl’s Skincare Experts, could advance their education from anywhere around the world, in any language. In fact, it was once a vision of founding family member, Aaron Morse, to create a Kiehl’s Academy.

In addition to this, Kiehl’s also wanted a bespoke, interactive and engaging eLearning module that every existing and new Skincare Expert could take that conveyed the unique and long-standing heritage of Kiehl’s, enabling Skincare Experts to share these stories with customers around the world, helping to create connections, as well as build trust and credibility.

“It’s been a pleasure to partner with the different teams at GuyKat on several projects to help elevate our global eLearning platform. Each one of them is a highly valuable, reliable, and trusted partner to us at Kiehl’s, and their close attention to detail, innovative creativity, and constant hard work is what makes them so different. Their dedication to eLearning is reflected in our LMS, helping us to truly provide an advanced eLearning experience to users.“ Mia Kernaghan, Digital Education Specialist

Learning Solution

Services provided by GuyKat included:

  • Consultation on maximizing Docebo capabilities for Kiehl’s
  • Creation of a bespoke landing page to enhance the first impression of the platform and overall user experience
  • Creation of a bespoke eLearning module
  • Admin training
  • Translations
  • Creation of an onboarding portal

GuyKat worked with Kiehl’s to transform their global eLearning vision – from relaying the history of Kiehl’s in an interactive and engaging format to creating a global community portal for Kiehl’s Skincare Experts – into a real user experience by creating customized web pages, adding gamification in modules, and enhancing the UX/UI to help elevate their digital education in all languages. GuyKat explored Kiehl’s ideas, feedback, strategy, and goals, and worked together to achieve a robust and engaging eLearning experience for users that are uniquely designed for Kiehl’s. With an advanced, yet accessible, eLearning platform and community portal, Kiehl’s is now able to provide users with the same personalized, expert digital learning experience that they provide in-store and online to customers.

How can GuyKat help transform my organisation? 

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