What's the need? 

An LMS is a big investment. As with any IT project, the configuration of the technology is not an end in itself. You also need to enable the people and process parts of your solution. Unless all three components people, process and technology are aligned you will fail.

Vendors often focus on just the technology configuration. Working with an experienced consultant ensures the wider business focus and increases the likelihood of delivering a successful return on investment.

Why GuyKat? 

We have partnered with Docebo since 2012, having worked on dozens of large and complex Docebo implementations. We have delivered solutions that have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of learners worldwide.

Our consultants are Docebo specialists. We do not provide consultancy for any other LMS vendor. We know Docebo’s possibilities and limitations. We work to understand your business and optimize the configuration of your platform to match your unique requirements.

We're passionate about our customer success. We don't want our clients to see us as a supplier. We want them to see us as a partner.

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