level-up your LMS

Building a learning culture at an organisation is a long-term process that requires a lot of brainstorming and resources. Each organisation operates differently, meaning the definition of a ‘Perfect Learning Culture’ will vary. However, there are steps that you can take to head in the right direction. Here are 5 ways to enhance your organisation’s Learning Platform without any incremental costs.

Organise your course catalogues

Let’s put this into perspective. It’s Friday evening and you’re looking forward to watching a sci-fi movie on Netflix. You’re not sure about the movie title but you know that this is the genre you’re craving. You open Netflix and nothing makes sense – there are no categories to organise the content, including genre. Frustration! You can’t find what you’re looking for and call it quits. 

It’s the same with Learning Platforms. If your content is unorganised, the learner won’t hesitate to leave your site in protest. 

The moral of the story: Allocate time to effectively organise your learning content to increase learner engagement. 

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Enable Q&A forums

The biggest players in the L&D industry understand the importance of social learning and collaborative organisational structure. In many cases, Q&A forums drive usage of your Learning Platform by building a learning community that collaborates, shares knowledge and seeks support. This is even more important with 80% of office-based learners working from home. 

Enable self-enrolling

Offer your learners a sense of autonomy. Give them the green light to act on their own interests by choosing learning courses that they find useful for their development. Autonomy usually results in responsibility, which leads to higher learning outcomes and engagement.

Create training plans

Structured training plans give a starting point and a finish line for your learners. They will be able to more accurately track their progress and see how close they are to achieving their goals. Yes, there is effort involved in curating a curriculum, particularly if you map training plans to job roles. However, there are two benefits: for the learner, the choice of what to do next is made easy, whilst the organisation gains confidence the learners are studying relevant content.

Use gamification

Apply gaming concepts to your learning. With Docebo, you can create badges and reward points for questions or courses. This can later result in distributing rewards to your employees.

Rewarding help your learners form a positive perception of learning and nurtures a more engaged approach towards your content.

Final thoughts

Creating a mature learning culture in your workplace is a continuous process. There are various steps that you can take to make your learning environment more engaging, social, and integrated into your culture. The impact of each step will depend on what works for your individual learners as they will each interact differently.