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Onboarding, Social Learning and facilitating business-critical training programmes



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Company Overview

Aker BioMarine is a Norwegian fishing-and-biotechnology company and is the world’s leading supplier of Antarctic krill, a natural healthy source of nutrients. Named ‘Europe’s most innovative company’ in 2019, the business continues to enjoy rapid growth. They ensure that sustainability and protection of the Antarctic ecosystem are core to the company’s mission.

Learning Challenge

Aker BioMarine joined the Docebo learning platform to facilitate both formal and informal learning. Initially, the idea was to use the platform to facilitate onboarding activities, and then over time, increase the use and engagement to a point where employees could create and contribute content on the platform themselves. The vision was to embed learning and sharing culture within the company. Committed to the vision, they found that their internal technical resources supporting the learning platform had limited capacity. Although they had the option to receive implementation support directly from Docebo, it was clear that this wouldn’t meet their capability requirements to allow them to make the most of the system from day one. This led the company to contact GuyKat to partner with them on the implementation of the platform.

“We couldn’t have done this without the GuyKat team. The onboarding portal receives brilliant feedback being highly valuable especially in the Covid-19 situation when new employees have been on-boarded remotely.” – Silje Gasser Meuche, Learning & Development Manager (responsible for the learning strategy at Aker BioMarine).

Learning Solution

Services provided by GuyKat included:

  • Consultation on maximising Docebo capabilities for the Aker Bio use-case
  • Creation of a bespoke landing page to enhance the first impression of the platform and overall user experience
  • Admin training
  • Creation of an onboarding portal

Aker BioMarine is moving towards leveraging their learning platform to support more than 400 employees whose locations range from offices to vessels in the Antarctic. This tailored solution enables the vision of a social learning platform to become a reality, integrating both formal and informal learning at the core of their organisation. At the time of writing, their solution now helps to deliver over 120 shareable pieces of content, including training modules and user-uploaded assets for learners worldwide. Crucially, this includes the user-generated content that they needed.

Creation of a bespoke landing page ensured consistency with Aker BioMarine’s brand and corporate voice. This meant that the learning journey would feel like part of the core corporate IT and Web systems, rather than a third-party portal, giving their learning platform extra credibility and encouraging user engagement.

GuyKat and Aker BioMarine worked closely together on the various parts of the solution agreeing on an overall delivery approach in collaboration.

Aker BioMarine's learning platform's landing page

Learning Result

Since launching the Docebo system and collaborating with GuyKat, the onboarding portal has received brilliant feedback from the audience. Learner engagement data also shows that the platform is growing, and, as familiarity increases, the platform is becoming a core communication tool. In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, being able to effectively onboard new employees remotely has been especially valuable. For existing employees, there is still an emphasis on increasing awareness of the platform and encouraging them to create content and share with their colleagues. As with any system or behaviour change at work, there are three elements to project success – the people, the process and the technology. By partnering with GuyKat, Aker BioMarine have addressed the technology piece, freeing up internal resources to concentrate on the other components.

How can GuyKat help transform my organisation? 

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