Georgina joined GuyKat’s Graduate Scheme in 2020. She now works as Translations Project Manager. Today she’s sharing what her experience has been like at GuyKat so far.

What is your role at GuyKat and how long have you been working here?

 I am a Translations Project Manager and I joined in March 2020.

What does your job as Translations Project Manager entail?

I manage each step of the localization process. This involves initiating, executing, and closing projects, from project kickoffs to creating detailed project plans and deliverables.  I coordinate internally and externally with stakeholders.

How did you begin your journey as Translations Project Manager?

I started in March 2020 on the Graduate Scheme where I worked in the Pro Services Team. I learned a lot about the Learning Management System (LMS) and Docebo, and also shadowed client calls. Within a week I was helping with support tickets and speaking to some of our biggest clients. In my second rotation, I worked within the Content Team and Translations where I learned to work with Articulate 360. Although I’m not very artistic, the team was very supportive when I struggled with more creative aspects. In June 2020 an opportunity came up to move into Translations. Even though I was only halfway through my Graduate Scheme, I put myself forward for the role as I thought I was an excellent fit. It wasn’t an area of the business I’d thought about going into but I love languages and I love the client-side of work so it’s been a really good fit.

What were you doing before joining GuyKat?

After graduating from university I went into teaching for about 8 years so I’ve always been in education, really. Between teaching and GuyKat I worked as a private tutor, a social media manager, a car salesman, and I went travelling. It’s never too late to try something new or change your career, I think if you see something that interests you, you should go for it.

What made you initially apply to the Graduate Scheme?

I was aware of eLearning because I have spent a lot of my spare time learning new things on the computer but it had never occurred to me that I could work in eLearning. I just always sort of thought it grew on trees. The Grad Scheme at GuyKat appealed to me because it is only a year – which meant I knew I’d be busy as there’s so much that goes on, covering it in a year will be fast-paced but it also means I’d hit the ground running and get my career started quickly which benefits everyone.  The other reason GuyKat caught my eye is the structure of the Grad Scheme; you rotate through every area of the business so, not only do you get an excellent all-round view of how the business works, you get an opportunity to tailor your role to the areas you enjoyed working the most and you come out with a much wider range of skills.

What do you like the most about your job?

I love the fact that my projects are always incredibly varied. I get exposure to many different languages and the implementation process is always different with each project. I’m constantly being challenged to find new ways to improve the process and there are always interesting issues that come up with implementing languages.

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on right now?

I’ve been working on a Localisation project for a skincare brand. It’s a beautiful module all about the brand history. We created the module here at GuyKat, and I’ve been implementing the changes into 10 languages – including Arabic which is very challenging.

Did you have any concerns about joining GuyKat?

I was concerned about starting a Graduate Scheme so long after actually graduating, as I graduated in 2010, but I was made to feel welcome and challenged where needed. I was given plenty of responsibility early on and I feel that my strengths were taken into account from day one.

How have you grown since being at GuyKat?

My role is quite face-to-face and I have become much more confident speaking to clients and managing stakeholders.  I have really enjoyed being given the opportunity to make the role my own and the freedom to improve the processes.  I work closely with the Content Team and they are always willing to offer advice and pitch in to help me out whenever I need it.

What makes GuyKat unique?

GuyKat has grown hugely over the last year or so and is continuing to grow at pace. It started as a small company and it has retained that small company feel.  Everyone is willing to help, even if it is outside their usual work, in fact, people jump at the opportunity to learn something new.

What has your experience been with GuyKat company culture?

There is a great sense of community here, from helping each other out inside of work to spending time together outside of work.

Any advice on those interested in pursuing a career at GuyKat?

Be willing to learn and get stuck in. Give everything a go – even if you’re not sure it’s your thing. You never know what you might find!