Jane joined GuyKat in 2020 as Office Manager. Today she shares what her experience with GuyKat has been like so far.

What is your role at GuyKat and how long have you been working here?

My role at GuyKat is Office Manager and I have been working here for 2 years now.

What does being an Office Manager entail?

My role is very varied. As Office Manager, I look after the day-to-day running of the office, liaise with our landlords, and make sure we have enough supplies. I also take care of a lot of the accounts for both the UK and US offices. This involves invoicing, accruals, any intercompany recharges that take place monthly, maintaining the asset register, and processing bills. I also take care of the HR side of the business, which involves arranging interviews, liaising with candidates, and helping with onboarding. As well as that, I liaise with our clients’ accounts departments regularly when chasing late payments of invoices and I am the person responsible for completing vendor assessments when we take on a new client. I also deal with our company insurance renewals, and I am the Health & Safety Officer!

How did you begin your journey as Office Manager?

I was looking for a part-time role and I really liked the advert that was posted on Indeed for the Office Manager role. The fact that the advert spoke about finding the right person and then building the role around that person according to their talents attracted me. I was also looking for flexible working and GuyKat was open to that. However, at the time of the interview, I was unable to go into the office to meet our CEO, as I had broken my ankle and wrist. The interview was conducted over Zoom and the rest is history! Guy, the CEO of GuyKat, told me to take a leap of faith and I am so glad that I did!

What do you like the most about your job?

I like the variety of tasks that fall under my remit. I really like interacting with my fellow GuyKatters, which usually starts with me calling them to arrange an interview, right through to them starting at GuyKat and then watching them grow into their role and become part of the GuyKat family.

Did you have any concerns about joining GuyKat?

Not really, only the normal first-day nerves, but I was more excited about meeting Guy and the rest of the team in person.

How have you grown since being at GuyKat?

I have always been quite confident, but I think I have grown as a person since joining GuyKat. The support that we all give each other makes it such a positive place to work – something that is quite unique in my experience.

 What makes GuyKat unique?

I do believe that the people are what makes GuyKat unique. Our CEO, Guy, has a ‘2 pints and puppy’ philosophy when interviewing which means he chooses people that he believes would happily socialise and have fun with the team but also has to be trusted to look after our most precious pets, and so far he has got that spot on. I hope it can continue as we grow.

What has your experience been with GuyKat company culture?

The culture at GuyKat is a very nurturing and supportive one. We are all very different characters, carefully chosen by our CEO and yet we all gel together and help one another and support one another. I have never experienced anything like it. The backbone of Guykat is our culture and long may it continue to be so.

Any advice on those interested in pursuing a career at GuyKat?

Go for it! Really don’t hesitate to approach us. We are always looking for the right people to join our ever-expanding team. You won’t regret it!