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Our dedicated support team provides managed system administration and enhanced support for Docebo clients. We act as an extension of your in-house team. We focus on the platform, allowing you to focus on the content. 

We offer around the clock support for all of our clients, responding to queries within 4-8 business hours. Most topics can be dealt with over email, but we’re happy to jump on a Zoom call when necessary. We can also work with Docebo’s help desk to speed up any technical troubleshooting with the platform itself. 

Here are six of our most frequently engaged support topics. 

1. User Configuration

We often help with creating new users and organising users into groups or branches. We can upload new users in bulk or individually, as well as assisting with implementing or maintaining the desired user structure. It’s also common for us to resolve various sign-in issues.

2. Page and Menu Access

User permissions determine the content and areas of the platform that users can access. When users lack visibility of the right content or pages, we ensure that menu and page settings are configured to provide suitable access.

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3. Front-end Design

Clients reach out to us when they want to customise the look and feel of their platforms (with out-of-the-box Docebo features). We tailor the platform UI and layout to suit the client’s branding and realise their vision. For example, we often tweak landing pages or switch banners to suit upcoming events.

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4. Reporting

Keeping track of user activity and progress is vital for monitoring the effectiveness of your platform. We help clients extract the right data about certain users or courses. We can set up custom reports that run in the background and can either be downloaded or received. For example, we can set up a monthly report on user activity for a course to show how users are engaging.

5. Courses

We help troubleshoot problems with the functionality or behaviour of a course on the platform.

Some common issues include:

    • Courses showing the incorrect completion status. 
    • SCORM issues – such as failing to track user progress or being unable to play.

6. Extra Features

To stay ahead of the game, Docebo hosts a variety of extra features and has frequent platform updates. We help clients implement and adapt to new features, teaching them how to make the most out of their platforms. Through discussing their needs, it’s common for clients to identify areas of weakness and for us to introduce them to a feature that could benefit them.

Our Support Goals

When enlisting our support services, we work hard to implement changes, troubleshoot issues, and find solutions. You’re supported to achieve more efficient platform improvements and maintenance, as we can get the job done quicker and resolve issues that you’re unable to.

Our dedicated team provides reliable communication, with clients reporting to the same help desk and often speaking to the same person throughout their query. This gives us a stronger familiarity with your needs and leads to more consistent support. 

We leverage our expertise to help you optimise your Docebo platform and reap the full benefits of your technology investment. 

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