A landing page is the first page a visitor sees. It is core to the user journey through a website and arguably the most important page. In an LMS environment, it determines how easy it is for learners to engage with your learning content. Landing pages should set the standard for the website ‘look and feel’ and be targeted to the audience with information and content specific to them.  Done well, it can establish a unique individual user experience.

Up until two or three years ago, it was difficult to customise landing pages on Docebo. The platform had a ‘dashboard’ feature, but there were significant limitations on what could be included. The launch of the ‘pages’ feature in Docebo 7.0 was the game-changer. This opened up new levels of customisation constrained only by the imagination and skill of the developer rather than technical limitations. A killer feature is that you can have different tailored landing pages for different groups of users. 

Ideally, a landing page should aim to be simple. The use of images that link to other parts of the site is effective. A good landing page allows users to easily find an area of the site they need; this is especially important in an LMS. A landing page should also make effective use of your branding in its overall design and layout and can be a powerful tool for conveying a particular message to the user.

At GuyKat we know Docebo inside and out. Clients regularly contact us to help enhance their Docebo UI. Our expertise with the pages functionality is a great enabler in transforming end-use perception of the platform. We tailor our landing pages on a client by client basis. Usually, the landing page’s content and structure are dictated by the way their Docebo instance is configured. Before making live changes we send over wireframes for review by the client, the look and feel of the page is then mocked up internally and then built following final sign-off by the client.

Typical features landing pages are:

  • A navigation bar
  • A carousel of linked images to advertise courses etc
  • Footer links to social media/other external pages
  • Images linking top essential parts of the site
  • A cohesive design that keeps the user engaged

If you engage with GuyKat we have a well-defined process to take you from an initial discovery call where we find the key objectives for your platform and review your current set-up. Then there is a phase of wire-frame designs and review. Following approval, we implement the design using our custom coding.  To date, GuyKat has supported clients in building hundreds of landing pages for Docebo customers all over the world.


If custom page design and implementation is something you’re interested in please use the contact button to arrange a call with one of our experts.