Docebo routinely releases platform improvements. The latest update introduces ‘User Impersonation‘. This was one of the most requested features on the ‘Docebo Ideas Portal’ (a customer feedback site available to enterprise customers). It got GuyKat’s vote! Docebo responded to these customer requests and developed the feature!

What is User Impersonation?

If you have worked on a Learning Management System as an administrator then it’s likely you needed to support a specific user.  The problem has been that an Administrator’s view of the platform is different from what the end-user sees. GuyKat offers admin support to Docebo clients worldwide and often need to see exactly what the end-user sees to better understand their issue.  This means you often have to schedule a webinar/screen share or have them email screenshots which is an inefficient use of time for everyone.

This new feature allows the Superadmin (Docebo’s top-level admin) to access the platform and actually login with a learner’s credentials (by the click of a button). 

A notification is automatically sent to the user to let them know that the Superadmin has logged in. They can now sit back, relax and await the diagnosis and resolution of the query. Time saved, stress relieved!

This is a very powerful feature tucked away in one of the February weekly updates and GuyKat wanted to call it out to centre-stage. We will certainly be using it to aid our customers and hope Docebo admins will benefit from it globally. 

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