LMS Consultant, Joanne Payne, answered a few questions regarding the forMetris integration with Docebo.

What do forMetris do?

forMetris provide evaluation and coaching tools that allow organisations to measure and prove learning impact. Whereas many organisations may have excellent feedback and motivated learners after training has taken place, there is typically no follow up or measurement to understand if the learnings have been actually applied in the workplace.

This is where forMetris are able to assist. They provide a robust learning evaluation platform with tailored questionnaires  proven to receive a high response rate from learners. These feed into a unique benchmarking database allowing L&D professionals to identify strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies between departments, and trainers locations internally.  They also provide insights as to how learning outcomes compare to other organisations in their industry (below average, average, above etc).

Why did GuyKat decide to partner with forMetris?

How to measure the impact of learning is a topic that repeatedly crops up in conversations with customers and at L&D events we attend. Some of our clients require a more detailed level of reporting on learning impact than the standard “happy-sheet” evaluations provide. This is a gap that partnering with forMetris helps us to close. The magic ingredient is forMetris benchmarking database. This  is something we hadn’t seen before within the industry and is a benefit that I could see our customers really responding to. 

What is the idea behind the Docebo & forMetris integration?

It’s a simple and convenient way for Docebo customers use the forMetris evaluation tools and reporting within Docebo rather than having to navigate between different systems. From the user’s perspective it feels like a single platform which is always a positive thing!

How would this work and benefit organisations? 

If you’re a Docebo customer that works with us, send us an email to set-up a demo to see how it works. If you’re interested in purchasing it, we can discuss payment options and have it enabled on your platform.

Once enabled, there’ll be an additional section available in the Advanced Settings of a course for “Learning Impact” and every time a learner completes a course they’ll receive a communication and their user will be created in forMetris.

The following day they will receive the initial satisfaction questionnaire, with an additional one sent out a few months later.

From the admin perspective there’ll be a new Learning Impact report which pulls data from the forMetris platform and displays a course summary including percentages of responses e.g response to satisfaction, content and so on.


Feel free to reach out to us via the contact button or directly at joanne.payne@guykat.com for more information and we’ll be happy to set up a demo!