Last month we launched our Corporate Learning Technology CMM, showing the typical journey organisations go through with learning tech. Some get further along than others. Those that ‘go all the way’ and make best use out of their technology, truly put Learning at the centre of their culture. If you missed it, then you can find out more about our maturity model here

We’ve had a couple of questions about things organisations might do to speed through this journey. Though this isn’t a definitive list, here are five things you should think about:

Encourage Participation

The more engaged your learners are, the quicker their development. You need to empower your learners to drive their own growth and motivate them to discover your content.

For example, you could implement:

  • Gamification – In Docebo, you can include gaming elements (e.g., competitive point scoring) to engage your learners and encourage them to explore your content.
  • Rewards – You could reward your learners for achieving milestones, acknowledging their progress and efforts. Championing their achievements will incentivise their success.
  • Self-enrolment – Your learners could have the freedom to enrol on relevant courses that interest them. Give them autonomy and trust them to take initiative in shaping their learning. 

Offer Variety 

Create an exciting learning environment by offering a variety of delivery methods and experiences. This will broaden your learner’s development prospects and enhance the effectiveness of your learning journeys. If you only offer click-and-read eLearning, your learners will lose interest. Mix it up!

For example, you could offer: 

  • Blended learning – You could combine a mix of learning approaches to add depth to your learning experience. For example, your online training could complement your instructor-led training (classroom training). This hybrid approach could improve efficiency and give you the best of both worlds.
  • Multimedia – Include a variety of relevant media in your content, such as different videos, images, text, interactivity, or animation. Using the right amount of media is more likely to retain your learners’ attention.
  • Bespoke eLearning – One of the best ways to engage your learners is by catering to their needs, beyond compliance training. You could partner with a content provider to design bespoke eLearning that represents your branding and subject matter. Increase the value of your content and move away from the basics of off-the-shelf learning.

Tailor the Experience

These days, learners want accessible and convenient digital content that is intuitive to their needs. You should tailor the structure of your content and Learning Platform to suit your learners’ different goals.

For example, you could: 

  • Create content that is tailored for different paths of career development. 
  • Utilise learning plans in Docebo to provide relevant development structure and guide your learner throughout their journey. 
  • Ensure that your content is adaptable and responsive, particularly to different technology devices (like mobile). 

Build a Collaborative Culture

Let your learning strategy evolve with your learners. Place learning at the heart of your company by creating a social learning environment. Empower your learners to collaborate with each other, share their knowledge, and contribute to your Learning Platform. This way, they are more likely to feel valued and champion your learning culture. 

Benchmark your Progress

Keep track of your learners’ data to continually improve your Learning Platform experience. Decide on your KPIs and other data that you want to capture and benchmark them frequently. 

For example, to measure the effectiveness of your Learning Platform you could report:

  • The number of self-enrolled learners on your courses. 
  • Course completion rates. 
  • Course test results.