TAMPA – March 24th, 2021 – GuyKat Inc. (GuyKat) launches the Learning Technology Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

GuyKat has developed a Corporate Learning Technology Capability Maturity Model. This gives you a benchmark based on your Learning Technology capability. It also helps you to create a transformation plan to reach your ambition.

The model was inspired by the use of CMMs in other industries, such as Project Management. The authors applied their experience, Research & Development, and engagement with L&D professionals to create a similar model to apply to corporate Learning Technology.

GuyKat is launching the Learning Technology Capability Maturity Model and it can be found on www.guykat.com/learning-technology-capability-maturity-model.

Learning Technology CMM:

  • A capability maturity scale from 0 to 5.
  • An overview of the Use of Technology, Technology in Place, and the Feel for each level.
  • Organisations are encouraged to contact GuyKat to help them with their transformation plan.

The audience for this model has been categorised into four groups:

Learning and Development Professionals

Do you work in L&D but don’t know the right level of investment in technology to support your learning goals?

Functional Leaders

Do you have accountability for ensuring best practice, or creating an Academy or Centre of Excellence for a function in your business (e.g. sales or finance)?

Partner Enablement Professionals

Are you looking to share knowledge externally with your partners, distributors and suppliers?

Learning Technology Professionals

Are you involved in the sale or implementation of Learning Technology?

The model is a simple tool. It helps when thinking about goals for any Learning Technology investment. It’s been put together based on our years of experience in facilitating this type of conversation between the people who want to use Learning Tech and the people in their organisation who pay for it.”, said Guy McEvoy, CEO and founder of GuyKat.

About GuyKat

GuyKat goes beyond eLearning. Since being founded in 2009, they have been passionate about customer success. With offices based in the UK and US, GuyKat serves clients in five continents and have deployed training in over 50 countries. They are experts in UX, design and learning outcomes; they believe that fantastic UI and UX is what success is all about. GuyKat became a valued partner with Docebo in 2011, making them the first reseller to bring Docebo to the UK. Since then, their teams have developed deep expertise in Docebo.

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