What's the need? 

Your LMS need not be a standalone solution. One of the great advantages of Docebo is that it has been built with integration in mind.

The possibilities created by the available API and web-hook capabilities mean that Docebo can sit comfortably as an embedded part of your IT enterprise architecture.

Why GuyKat? 

We provide managed system admin support for clients in all five continents, supporting tens of thousands of learners worldwide.

Our deep product expertise of Docebo means that our team can work on concurrent administration tasks which can give you the advantage of the lower costs that comes from our scale, compared with bringing in administration on the payroll.

Additionally, outsourcing this capability removes the associated management overhead and possible issues with sick, holiday cover or employee leaver gaps that on-payroll provision may introduce.

Example projects:

Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration

Custom Reporting

Business Intelligence (BI) integration


Links with Human Resources or Directory systems

Configuration of and linking with payment gateways

We're passionate about our customer success. We don't want our clients to see us as a supplier. We want them to see us as a partner.

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