Jack joined GuyKat in 2017 as an apprentice and now works as an LMS Analyst. In a few weeks, Jack will be going on a 10-week secondment to our US office where he will be supporting our American team. Today he shares how he has found his career journey so far at GuyKat. 

What is your role at GuyKat and how long have you been working here?

My role at GuyKat is LMS Analyst and I’ve been working here for 5 years.

What does your job as LMS Analyst entail? 

My day-to-day mostly consists of project management, project support, and providing answers to tickets as part of our platform enablement team. This can be anything from recommending how a client can expand their platform to simply resetting passwords. I also work on platform fixes and give advice on client queries which could be answering a question on courses, or it could be working closely with the client to roll out a new series of courses, or investigating platform downtime and running maintenance.

How did you begin your journey as LMS Analyst?

I began my apprenticeship working in the content team. This involved working on eLearning projects and updating eLearning modules, using Adobe Captivate to create and edit modules for the rest of the team. I was then offered the chance to switch departments and work within the platform enablement team.

What were you doing before joining GuyKat?

Before GuyKat, I worked a couple of jobs. I ran a ticketing system and updated item trackers as an apprentice and afterward experienced a short stint with the BBC in a traineeship based around Digital Marketing.

What made you initially decide to apply to GuyKat?

I applied to GuyKat with a limited understanding of what eLearning was. However, the apprenticeship scheme with GuyKat caught my eye as they offered me a flexible role that allowed me to dip my toe into each department, letting me find what I really want to do. At the time, I wanted to do something creative and GuyKat seemed the perfect fit to allow me to test my skills and grow that knowledge.

How did you find the interview process?

The interview process was smooth. Being interviewed by two people can seem daunting but the team was very friendly and calmed my nerves. Being able to talk to the CEO, Guy, about my hobbies outside of work put my mind at ease, and afterward, I was very much hoping for a callback!

What do you like the most about your job?

The perfect mixture of big client names and the people I work with. The clients that I get to work with are global and everyone knows who they are. Being able to tell friends and family who I get to work with day in and day out is exciting! Most importantly, however, the people at GuyKat make working here incredible. The hiring process is always spot on as we are all similar kinds of people all in similar stages in life. You’ll always be able to start a conversation with anyone on anything. Everyone is happy to meet outside of work to go to the pub or to a concert.

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on right now?

At the moment we have a few really exciting projects. I’m in the middle of working with a personal care brand and Docebo directly to create a brand new reporting structure. The work involves running and pulling reporting data which will allow the brand to better understand how their users in different countries are doing. This project is exciting for me because the brand is excited about it. When working on a project like this where you know the work you’re doing will have a massive impact on how the client functions makes it very satisfying.

Did you have any concerns about joining GuyKat?

At the time, GuyKat was small, with only about 6 employees however I was aware of the prospect of quick growth. My only concern for me really was that everything was brand new as I’d never worked in eLearning before.

How were these concerns diminished? 

These worries were diminished quickly thanks to the support of the team. I had my questions answered quickly and even got given one on one time to pick up the software quicker.

How have you grown since being at GuyKat?

My people skills have especially grown since joining GuyKat. I never saw myself being on calls talking directly to clients but being able to grow into the role you want to do helped me to get over the ‘fear’ of talking to multiple people. I was able to shadow the more experienced staff on client calls and internal meetings to see how they manage their conversations with the client and track updates, tasks, and issues internally.

What makes GuyKat unique?

For me, it’s the staff. It’s very rare that you get a workplace like GuyKat’s where everyone gets on and shares similar hobbies and interests.

What has your experience been with GuyKat company culture?

Company culture is amazing, it’s always good fun going into the office and catching up with everyone. Every time the team gets together, it’s always a great time!

What kind of support do you receive from the team?

The support is great, you can always find someone to give advice or help you on a task. It’s almost like no man gets left behind. With everyone willing to chip in and help whenever they can. Working in the platform enablement team you really see this. Sometimes the department can get overwhelmed with tickets. When this does happen, the entire platform team is ready to answer a few questions, making my work days less stressful.

Any advice on those interested in pursuing a career at GuyKat?

Do it! We’re always looking for new people who are creative or technical. You’ll be welcomed into the team and learn many new skills.