What's the need? 

If you are moving to Docebo from another Learning Platform you may wish to bring historical data from the previous system into your new system. This means more than just moving content. You may also wish to transfer entire user records that capture all the courses your learners took, the certificates they gained, their scores etc.

Migrating data can be tricky. Not all LMS vendors make it straightforward to move away from their product. The fear that valuable data history will be lost is often a big barrier for organisations to make the leap to a more modern LMS. This risk can be reduced by working with data migration professionals whose expertise is in Docebo.

Why GuyKat? 

We have partnered with Docebo since 2012. Our team has worked on dozens of multinational implementations where data migration is a critical component. We have developed proprietary tools that help automate and quality assure data migration. These tools integrate with the back-end of the Docebo system (via API) and save administrators weeks or months in attempting to do the same migration tasks via the front-end manually, without any risk.

If data migration is a critical part of your implementation project you will want to work with a partner with experience in this area.

We're passionate about our customer success. We don't want our clients to see us as a supplier. We want them to see us as a partner.

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