Helen joined GuyKat in 2021 as Junior eLearning Designer. Today she shares what her experience at GuyKat has been like so far.

What does your job as a Junior eLearning Designer entail?

My job is to develop eLearning modules for clients using content creation software Storyline and Rise. A usual day will consist of designing and developing the look and feel of the module, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to edit image assets to input into the module, having internal team calls to check in with our progress for each project, and having client calls to keep them up to date with timelines and deal with any queries. 

How did you begin your journey as an eLearning Designer?

I studied Fine Art at university which really solidified my designing process and creative thinking skills, so I knew I wanted to work in a creative industry.

What were you doing before joining GuyKat? 

My first job out of university was as a Visual Merchandiser, and due to the shop closing down in the first lockdown in 2020, I took on a temporary role of Head Barista at a local farm shop. During this time, I was searching for a creative role that would allow me to explore graphic design and improve my creative skills. 

What made you decide to apply for a role at GuyKat?

Having come from a background in Fine Arts, I hadn’t had much opportunity to use software such as Adobe Creative Suite professionally. However, whilst furloughed and then during redundancy, I started creating digital drawings using Procreate on my iPad and soon discovered a passion for digital art and graphic design. I realised that this was something I wanted to pursue a career in, but struggled to find jobs that allowed me to train on the job without much experience. A lot of ‘entry-level roles’ were asking for 2+ years experience in graphic design or proficiency using Adobe software. GuyKat, however, was exactly the company I was looking for: open-minded to people wanting to change the direction of their career, and able to provide the training and support to do so.

How did you find the interview process?

Interviewing at GuyKat was a really pleasant experience – it was the first time I was able to be myself in an interview process. I had the chance to ask lots of questions too about the business and came away feeling even more sure that it was the right company for me.

What do you like the most about your job?

I love that each day is different and I have the opportunity to work with amazing brands.

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on right now?

I’ve been working on a module for a skincare brand that has the most beautiful scrapbook-style branding. It has given me the opportunity to refine my skills in Illustrator and Photoshop and be more involved in client calls.

Did you have any concerns about joining GuyKat?

I was worried that my lack of experience in Adobe and eLearning authoring software would mean I wouldn’t be able to work on client projects straight away. However, I had great on-the-job training using these tools with the team and introductory training projects to practice using the software before starting on client projects. I’m quite a practical person so learning the software as I worked meant I was able to pick things up quickly, make mistakes, ask lots of questions, and I ended up starting my first client project just one month into my role at GuyKat. 

How have you grown since joining GuyKat?

I’ve never learned so much so quickly! The technological side of creating eLearning modules has been a big learning curve for me (especially with things like variables and states) but with the help of my colleagues, I was able to grasp this quicker than I expected. I’ve also grown in confidence – I’m usually quite a shy person, but now feel confident to speak up in client calls, present work, make design suggestions, and do presentations at team events. 

What makes GuyKat unique?

I think GuyKat is unique because eLearning is quite a niche market and so there are lots of learning opportunities as trends and technology change and evolve. There is also a lot of flexibility when you work at GuyKat – you can tailor your role to suit your skills and expertise, and have the ability to work across teams if you wish. 

What has your experience with GuyKat company culture been like?

The company culture at GuyKat is fantastic and unlike anywhere I’ve been before. Everyone genuinely cares about your professional and personal development. I feel well supported and was so warmly welcomed when I first started that I was able to be myself from day one. It is great to be part of a talented and hard-working team.

What kind of support do you receive from the team?

My colleagues are always happy to hop on a call with me to help me navigate through new software or help with a query, and I’ve had the opportunity to have training sessions in design principles, Illustrator, and storyboarding. We have 1-1s every few weeks with CEO, Guy which makes me feel really well supported.

How did you find the onboarding process?

The onboarding at GuyKat was great. Within the first few weeks, I’d had training in some of the software I would be using daily, training modules to create to put what I’d learnt into practice, a couple of team days where I really grasped an understanding of what GuyKat offers as a business and what the eLearning and Professional Services teams do. All this meant that I felt like I settled into the team really quickly and learned so much every day.

Any advice on those pursuing a career at GuyKat?

If you’re applying, show us how much you enjoy learning yourself! We learn and share knowledge every day, so it’s a huge part of the role.

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