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One thing about the world is that it never stops changing. While education and learning are interrelated, education is just one part of learning throughout your life, and learning shouldn’t stop after your education. Instead, you should embrace learning every single day. Below, I’ve listed just a few reasons why you should embrace learning:

1. Learning makes you happy 

In my previous article about motivating sceptical learners (you can find the article here), I mentioned that people are motivated by extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The same principle of internal forces of personal growth, or a desire to succeed that stimulate you to finish a task, can be applied here. Human beings simply become happier when making progress on a task. Don’t you love that sense of achievement? And learning is all about setting goals and achieving them. 

2. Creates new ideas

Learning plays a major role in opening a new, undiscovered world. Understanding how certain things work, how other people think, and most importantly practising metacognition activities help you come up with new ideas in your personal, or corporate life. 

For example, you’re in a meeting with a Software developer. Don’t just nod your head and agree with everything they say, letting them think it all comes naturally to you. Ask questions and analyse the way they solved the problem, noticing and learning their tactics on how to overcome a certain problem, and then apply it in your own setting.

3. Boosts your abilities

Once you master continuous learning, no one can stop you. You’ll enhance your career skills. These will benefit you forever. Chances are that you’ll switch jobs and certain skills you developed before, will apply to your new job.

4. Helps you to stay on top of the league

It is key to understand your industry by keeping up to date with trends. You need to stay on top of the league to have quality conversations with your colleagues, prospects and peers. Being curious about something you’re expert in, will help you to remain relevant.

5. Inspires others

Sharing ideas and talking about new learnings with others might inspire them to develop skills in certain areas they’ve never thought about. Being someone that increases and pushes (in the best possible way) others to learn something new – is a reward in itself!

6. Creates confidence and motivates 

Being able to get involved in interesting discussions and understanding a variety of things gives us a sense of achievement. This consequently boosts confidence and helps to increase higher self-esteem.

7. Helps to control change 

If you continuously immerse yourself in how the industry and world changes, you won’t be surprised when the next big change happens. This helps you to be more open-minded, helping you to be more adaptable to change.