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Company Overview

La-Z-Boy Incorporated with international headquarters in Monroe, Michigan, USA, is a well known comfortable and quality product producer around the globe. Founded in 1927 on comfort, innovation, and industry-leading partnership principles, La-Z-Boy continues building on a unique heritage that has pioneered new developments in the furniture industry.

Learning Challenge

La-Z-Boy started their learning journey a while back when printed learning materials were still a hit. With the growth of the internet and the growth of engagement, they needed to elevate and escalate where they stand. Their vision was to create an efficient learning journey for their partners and employees. After choosing the learning platform, La-Z-Boy found that their internal resources supporting the learning platform had limited capacity. This led to the partnership with GuyKat and the learning journey based on the umbrella of GuyKat services.

“If we had known about GuyKat at the time of launching our platform, I think we would have had a far better launch two years ago” – Amy Robins Salm, Director of  Product Knowledge for the Education division, La-Z-Boy.

Learning Solution

Services provided by GuyKat included:

  • Consultation on maximising Docebo capabilities for the La-Z-Boy use-case
  • Creation of a bespoke landing page to enhance the first impression of the platform and overall user experience
  • Admin training
  • eLearning development

14,000+ sessions

4 Admin Training Webinars

6000+ learners

How can GuyKat help transform my organisation? 

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