In May, Docebo released an update to enable duplication of ‘pages’ by admins. Jack Rixon, who’s a part of GuyKat’s Professional Services Team, answers questions on this much requested feature in the recent update.


1. What are pages on the Docebo platform? How are they used and what role do they play in the functionality of the platform?


On Docebo, pages allow admins to customise the look and feel of their system. A well-designed page can transform user interaction with the platform. As standard, admins have access to some templates. This is a quick way to get started.  The templates pre-populate the page with Docebo widgets, which can display various types of data such as users’ course stats or their content library. However, if you want to push the platform further then you don’t have to be constrained by these templates. If you have knowledge of CSS or HTML, you can start with a blank canvas and build your own custom page. At GuyKat, we know the CSS and HTML pieces and can work with clients who draw up their ideal of what the system would look, if they can make a simple mock-up of how they would wish the system looked (called a ‘wireframe’ in the jargon), using a tool like PowerPoint – then we can let them know how close we can get their Docebo to looking like their wireframe.  More often than not, it is very close.


2. How will the duplication of pages make the platform better? How the duplication of pages will make people’s lives easier? How would that change user experience?


Not every user in every organisation needs to see the same content or the same images on a page. It just may not be relevant enough for them.  It is normal for a company to want their manufacturing staff to see different things from their sales staff, or managers to see a different view from team members, contractors to see something different from internal staff, European staff to see something different from Asian Staff etc. This is why, in almost all cases, you will need to create more than one landing page for your users. Previously, if you wanted to create more than one version of a page, you would need to manually create a new page then copy the layout from your original page. This was time-consuming. However, this latest Docebo update allows admins to “duplicate and save” pages, meaning you no longer need to re-create all of the widgets on a page. This is a great tool for admins now, as they will be able to make minor tweaks to their pages much quicker, saving a lot of time. This makes it far easier to more quickly make tailored pages, which is a real benefit for the user experience. Tailored pages lower barriers to user engagement. Everything that makes it easier or quicker to make tailored pages is a win! 


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