Having worked with multiple different Learning Management Systems in the past, one of the key differentiators with Docebo is its Coach & Share module which fosters a culture of community and continuous social learning. The feature not only empowers learners to search the content but also create and share their own learning, which is the core idea for successful Social Learning. To find out more about Docebo’s Discover, Coach & Share click on the video below:

In April, Docebo completely revamped Channel Management making life significantly easier for any Admin to create, search, modify and upload content to Channels.

Our favorite functions are:

  • The new search bar which means not having to continuously scroll to find any newly created channels.

  • The new grid format which includes quick access to view Content that has been uploaded against any channel.


  • The ability to define the details, experts, visibility for my Channel all on one page (instead of clicking “Next” to move through each step).

  • The ability to directly search and add content when creating or editing a channel.

“Overall, the experience within Channels now feels more modernised, flexible and consistent with other areas of Docebo (Course Management, Menus, Pages) and I’m loving it!” – Joanne Payne, LMS Consultant and the author of this article.

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