It’s often assumed that good eLearning content is the key to high engagement. But, this doesn’t matter if you can’t find what you’re looking for. At GuyKat, we know that optimising the learner’s journey is just as essential. We design Docebo platforms that encourage learners to immerse themselves in your learning experience and easily discover your courses. 

Here’s how we do it. 

The User

To optimise the user experience (UX) and get the most out of your content, understanding your user is our first step.

We visualise where you want your learner to go and what you want them to achieve. To fully understand your user journey, we design sitemaps that display where the user can go on each page. After defining this user flow, we create a wireframe to design each page. 

This process enables us, and our clients, to refine the user journey and visualise how we can achieve the learner’s goals. 

The Design

We design platforms that represent your branding and bring your users back for more. A user interface (UI) should be aesthetic and authentic, facilitating your UX. 

By collaborating with our clients, we refine our designs and create the best UI. We incorporate our client’s branding and build on their design visions. Next, we leverage the latest tools to provide mockups of the design that we will build. 

The Build

To bring our vision to life, we build the design in your platform and implement the desired features – don’t worry, we keep it hidden from any live users. 

The build is tested to ensure a smooth experience for your target learners. At this stage, we encourage our client’s feedback and a soft launch. This involves a small group of test users (not involved in the project) interacting with the platform and us gathering feedback. This gives us insight from a real learner’s perspective. 

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Bespoke Software Builds

We also offer bespoke software builds for pages, to enhance the learner’s experience. We utilise Docebo’s powerful API to present data in an optimal way – this can be anything from progress bars to course completion graphs. 

Learn more about our System Integration and API Development.

We work efficiently to design an intuitive and engaging platform for your users. By stretching the limits of CSS and Docebo’s API, we bring our client’s visions to life and innovate their learning experiences. If you’re looking for high engagement with your eLearning, optimising your learning platform and delivering high-quality content will get you there.

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