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Company Overview

Amnesty International, founded in 1961 is the world’s largest human rights movement of more than 7 million people worldwide. Their mission is to campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. The organisation investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilises the public, and helps transform societies to create a safer, more just world.

Learning and Development at Amnesty International

Amnesty’s Human Rights Education (HRE) comprises all educational, training, information, awareness-raising, and learning activities on human rights aimed at creating a rights-respecting society. Globally in 2019, HRE projects engaged over 1.8 million people (as opposed to 1 million people in 2018) and led more than 483,889 to take action to defend human rights in 167 countries. 

In 2019 only, over 180,000 people registered interest in signing-up for Amnesty’s Academy. With diverse approaches of learning, online training allows Amnesty to provide individuals with knowledge, skills and understanding and empowers them to contribute to the building and promotion of a universal culture of human rights. The organisation adopted Docebo in 2017 and has collaborated with Guykat ever since, to both develop content for future leaders and human rights activists in a range of different languages and to produce an engaging learner interface in line with Amnesty’s branding.

Learning Challenge

Through Amnesty’s HRE, the organisation reaches over 1 million people which builds the foundation of human rights-based knowledge around the world. It allows anyone, anywhere and at any age to learn about their own human rights – and the rights of others – and how to claim them. 

Amnesty needed a platform that has an engaging user interface. After an extensive selection process, they selected Docebo as the underlying technology to power their Academy. It was important to use all of the features available within Docebo to optimise their learning and make the most of their investment. Accessibility was seen as key to attract more learners and then encourage them to want to come back for more.

Equally important, Amnesty needed eLearning content that was responsive, easily accessible and engaging. The content also had to be translated into multiple languages.

Amnesty wanted a partner to support them with both the optimization of the platform (Docebo) and the creation of the learning content.

“Working with the entire team at Guykat has been an absolute pleasure for us! From Guykat, we get overall advice and support for our Amnesty Human Rights Academy – right from e-learning to technical upkeep of the platform. The team at Guykat are responsive, flexible, competent and fun to work with. They are a key factor in the success of our platform!” – Krittika Vishwanath, Head of Human Right Education at Amnesty.

Learning Solution

GuyKat were selected by Amnesty as their partner for the ongoing development of the Academy. Services provided by GuyKat included:

  • course settings 
  • improvements to HTML / CSS within the course player custom training materials
  • fully leveraging the public catalogue page including updating the display order through custom methods 
  • improvement of accessibility of the built-in sign-up form to be accessible across multiple browsers 
  • responsiveness on mobile devices. 

GuyKat also assisted with the roll-out of several new languages in the system through localisation updates – fully utilising the out-of-the-box Docebo options.

The GuyKat team worked with Amnesty’s in-house development team to help them get the most out of both the platform and the content authoring tools they use. They’ve also added new functionality to the system which is not natively available. One example is a very bespoke sign-up solution that integrates with social media channels. This was seen as a key enabler of driving new registrations to the system.

A key requirement was that the system fully aligned with Amnesty’s branding. Credibility and authenticity are projected when the content is recognisably presented in the voice of the brand. This credibility drives higher user numbers. Additional investment was made in thinking through the user interface. By creating a clear landing page providing two alternate paths for the learner (easy access to find new content and the content they have already enrolled on) there have been increased repeat visits to the site. The success of this approach has seen the landing page translated to over 15 languages.

Amnesty has a successful Customer Success Partnership with GuyKat. There is a provision of direct support to the Amnesty administration team, allowing knowledge exchange, advice and implementation of specific updates. This service has allowed Amnesty’s learning team to be more efficient and effective with their business goals. The regular communication, facilitated by ad hoc and monthly sessions, ensures that the project is comprehensively serviced.

A well-configured platform is wasted unless the content it serves is excellent. GuyKat developed one of the most viewed courses on the platform ‘An Introduction to Human Rights’, which has so far been translated into 15+ languages. GuyKat has also collaborated with Amnesty in a number of successful courses, including Digital Security and Human Rights and the US Gun Violence Crisis. The biggest challenge was making these courses accessible for users across 200 countries in multiple languages. They needed a simple process to replicate courses into different languages, keeping in mind that quality is not compromised. After weeks of hard work, Amnesty with GuyKat has now put in place a process that works brilliantly on both sides.

When looking to the future, the GuyKat team are excited to see the adoption of the Mobile App – it launches soon and should be another step forward for the project!

Learning Result

🏆The overall performance of the platform in 2019 was significant – over 180,000 people registered to sign up to the Academy. In 2019, the Academy had 56 courses available in 12 languages with over 75,000 learners. 2019 alone saw the launch of 18 new courses.

The modules have done extremely well and have been translated and promoted by different country offices. Introduction to Human Rights course has become one of Amnesty’s flagship courses.

🏆Since the course was launched in 17 different languages after 2018, the course completion rate increased by almost 1200%. This is a game-changer for HRE. IT also means that at times, these are the only local language online human rights courses available for the public. This feeds directly into Amnesty’s goals of ensuring HRE for all.

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