At GuyKat, we believe that the best learning journeys are created in a learning platform if you focus on three different things; people, the process and the technology.  All too often we see clients making the mistake of thinking about only the technology. The people and process bits matter just as much.

All three aspects need to work in tandem in order for your journey to be successful. Whatever you wish to achieve with your platform, whether it’s partner training, internal L&D or external learning you need to be mindful of all three steps.

Wednesday, 25th November, at 10 AM EST, (3 PM GMT), at the Road to Docebo Inspire webinar, our Senior Consultant David Brannon discussed what it takes to create the best learning journey for your learners.

David was joined by Silje Gasser Meuche, Learning and Development Manager at AkerBio Marine, who also shared their company’s experience in building the best learning journey for the AkerBio Marine’s use case.

Check out the webinar here: