Having a collaborative partnership with your eLearning content provider can make all the difference to your eLearning solutions. Collaboration strengthens your long-term relationship and builds trust, which leads to better content. 

For this to work, both sides need to align on their expectations of what each party will bring to the table. Our expertise is creating content to teach online; your expertise is providing subject knowledge. Collaboration works best when both parties play to their strengths. 

For example: 

  • If you ask us to build an eLearning module without our creative input, you’re not benefiting from our expertise.
  • If you ask us to create a storyboard without access to your subject knowledge, we’re not benefiting from your expertise.

Here are some tips on how to leverage a collaborative partnership.

Your Expertise

Innovating eLearning solutions with a provider requires expertise and open-mindedness from both parties. It’s essential for you to set your expectations by communicating your eLearning needs and goals throughout the project. 

Here’s an idea of what we would need from you:

  1. Who your audience is – we can tailor the content towards them, their goals, and their knowledge.
  2. Your audience’s learning devices – depending on the devices, we can advise you on the best software to use (e.g., for mobile responsiveness).
  3. The type of eLearning required – give an idea of the type of eLearning you’re seeking and be willing to discuss other suitable recommendations.
  4. Subject matter expertise (SME) – provide us with key subject information (the more concise the better) and be open to discussing the different ways that we could present it. Also, let us know if you need translations.
  5. Digital assets – to assist with the bespoke design of your content, provide any vital graphics, images, or logos as early as possible.
  6. Branding guidelines – to represent your brand, give clear branding instructions and an indication of the look and feel that you’re aiming for.

Our Expertise

Our goal is to create engaging, beautiful bespoke eLearning. After understanding the scope of the project, it’s time for you to trust us and for us show you what we can do! 

Here’s an insight into our expertise:

  1. Interactive content – trust that we will know the best types of interactions to engage your learners, based on your content (e.g., the different types of quiz interactions for a module).
  2. Graphic design and composition – we excel at designing visual content that represents your brand and appeals to your learners.
  3. Instructional design – let us transform your SME input into an eLearning narrative that stays true to the subject matter. Through storyboarding, we can simplify any complex information into digestible eLearning content.
  4. Learning journey – our aim is to make it easy and exciting for your learners to learn. Where possible, trust us with the flow of your content and module navigation (e.g. when to include a menu).
  5. Quality Assurance – we want you to have eLearning content that you’re proud of! Therefore, depending on the development level chosen, GuyKat allows for multiple rounds of client feedback to deliver the best content that we can.

The Importance of Collaboration

Ultimately, collaboration elevates the development of eLearning solutions and can strengthen your long-term relationship with your content provider. A collaborative partnership is built on communication, open-mindedness, and trust in both parties’ expertise. You must align your expectations with your provider’s and leverage both of your strengths to deliver effective content – on time! This can lead to eLearning that is intuitive to learners’ needs, advocates for your brand, and communicates your subject matter in a way that has your learners coming back for more.