Microlearning is an ideal method for delivering Just In Time Training (JiTT). This is individual task or transactional based training, offered at the time of need. Microlearning can also be used for soft skill or conceptual teaching.

Increasingly, we are working with clients to build whole libraries of bite-size content. Organisations typically adopt this approach to supplement classroom training. However, we are discovering that some people find this ‘self-serve’ model of training so effective that they now use it as the primary training mechanism.

One of the added benefits of having the bite-size library as part of your training approach is that the material becomes an asset what will be utilised far beyond the initial launch of the project or system your are training. That’s the long-term investment not only to your training but employee engagement as well.

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This is a brief article of our ‘The Inevitable Rise of Microlearning in the Workplace’ White Paper. Get the Full Copy contacting rugile.sikorskyte@guykat.com.