CLICK HERE for a 10-day free trial to is a comprehensive video library with world class lessons in just about every major commercial piece of software.  Always wanted to learn Photoshop? Dreamweaver? Flash? They got it covered.   Wanted to learn iMovie? How to Sell on eBay?  Wordpress?  They got that covered too. Recently they’ve even started to add some quite superb video tutorials on subjects away from software such a photography.  Recently got an SLR camera?  Want to learn how to use properly rather than just on auto? They got that covered.

The breadth and depth of subjects they cover is mind-blowing. At it’s regular price it is a bargain.  As a free trial it is a no-brainer. Please click the link at top to access a pass for a free 10 day trial. No Promo Code  or voucher is required. This offer is valid through September, October, November 2013.

Credit cards details will be taken and a charge will be taken if you do not proactively cancel your subscription at the end of the 7 days.  Set a calendar reminder!  Lynda are betting that you’ll find the training so good you wont want to cancel.  I think they’re right.

Get more from your software.