Perform – Brilliant new feature for Docebo 7.0

In its latest release, Docebo introduces the Perform module which brings talent management capability to the Docebo LMS.

What is Perform?

Perform is a new feature on the Docebo LMS that is designed to allow you to evaluate your employee’s competencies and detect skill gaps. Once the skill gaps are detected, you can then intervene, offering learning and development opportunities. This could be done through formal learning plans and courses, or more informal videos or documents.

Some of the exciting features Perform has, include:

  • An off-the-shelf skills catalogue
  • Ability to create, import, and edit your skills and roles in bulk
  • Ability to assign skills to roles
  • You can map courses, learning plans, and informal learning assets
  • Rating Scale
  • Skill evaluation status monitoring
  • Skill evaluation calibration
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Skills, roles and gaps reporting

A particular feature we thought was great, was the ability to enrol a user with a specific skill gap to a course or learning plan that will support in filling the gaps in their knowledge.

GuyKat are a UK based Docebo partner who work with clients globally. We can support organisations with their implementation of the Docebo platform, including the perform module featured above.

How you can get access to it

It’s simple. Email to set up a tailored webinar. David would love to give you a demonstration of the platform and its awesome new features, including Perform!