GuyKat announces the opening of a new office in the US


Today, GuyKat announces the opening of its first office and subsidiary in the USA. GuyKat Inc. is based in Tampa, Florida. This marks a key milestone in the company's aggressive expansion into the North American market.

GuyKat COO, Mark Broadbent, said “Our journey has seen us grow from a small eLearning agency based in the Midlands to a professional services company supporting clients all around the world.  The opening of GuyKat Inc. is an early milestone in the next phase of our expansion plans. It allows us to provide a greater level of support to our growing client base across North America.”

GuyKat CEO said: “This is a big move for us. I’m delighted that our clients in the US will now be able to speak to somebody in the same time zone, and that where necessary site visits will be easier. The most important message to our existing clients is that for project delivery, nothing will change. You will still be working with our awesome team based at our Birmingham HQ. The focus of the US office in the short term is on sales, account management and customer success.”

2019 is GuyKat’s 10th anniversary. Since the foundation, the company has worked on hundreds of eLearning projects for clients based across the globe. Building a physical presence in key geographies is seen as the next logical move in the company’s growth.  More key announcements relating to growth are anticipated over the coming weeks. 

Finalist: Scale-Up Business of the Year

GuyKat has been shortlisted for the Scale-Up Business of the Year award at the West Midlands Tech Awards 2019.  The awards are run by Reach Plc.

The nomination recognises our focus on growth and our aggressive expansion plans which are well underway.  There will be more exciting news regarding the next steps in our scale-up programme in the coming weeks.

The winner will be announced at a gala dinner at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham on 12th December.

Hannah Quinton to judge Silicon Canal Awards

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Today I met GuyKat's Head of eLearning, Hannah Quinton, to discuss the upcoming Silicon Canal Awards.

Hannah leads the creative team at GuyKat and has worked with us for 8 years. Hannah was named Developer of the Year in the 2017 awards, and GuyKat were named Small Company of the Year in 2018.  This year she has been invited to join the judging panel.

What does technology mean to you?

Having been in an integral part of a tech company for a number of years, I use technology on an everyday basis. We create and build engaging training to communicate with people across the globe. This could not be done without the vast array of authoring tools, technologies, and applications we use to deliver projects. What is great about our industry is that it's still really in its infancy. eLearning in the past has not had a very good reputation, often being associated with poorly designed and long-winded modules that are a chore to complete. With a great creative team and the right technology, we are changing that. We never stop learning new technologies or exploring new ways to enhance our modules.  That means my relationship with technology continues to evolve and grow. I still find it humbling that I have been responsible for thousands of eLearning modules being implemented in over 50 countries and 12 different languages.

How were you introduced to Silicon Canal awards?

When I first joined GuyKat 8 years ago, I was encouraged to go to networking events in order to meet like-minded people in the tech community. As with most people early in their career this was a slightly daunting idea, however, Silicon Canal was promoted as a more relaxed setting and they were not wrong! I've been going ever since. In 2018 GuyKat won the Silicon Canal Small Company of the Year award and it was such a positive team experience. Everyone in the team is passionate about what we do and to be recognized for it was the sprinkles on top of the cake.

What encouraged you to take place on the judging panel?

Over the last few years I have grown in my career and confidence in the tech scene and I attribute some of that growth to the support community I found in Silicon Canal. In 2017, I was nominated as the Silicon Canal Developer of the Year and subsequently won. This was a huge achievement for me as I had never considered myself as a contender.  I was overwhelmed with the support I received in the aftermath. As a result, I became an ambassador of Silicon Canal, involving myself in the Women in Tech events and making some very close friends as a result. So, when I was asked to judge this year's awards, I was really excited to be involved. There is a lot of emerging talent in Birmingham, I cannot wait to promote the great achievements happening in this city.

Which award category announcement are you most excited about?

For me, Small Company of the Year is something I'm personally excited to see the category entries. I have an understanding of the journey a small company goes on in order to be successful and I will be looking out for their stories in particular.


For more information on all the great Silicon Canal events going on over the next few months, please check out their website:

To see further information on the awards, nominate or book your tickets go to I wish everyone who is nominated the best of luck in this year's awards and I can't wait to see you on November 28th.



Visit GuyKat at World of Learning in Birmingham, NEC

October can be quite depressing with this gloomy weather in the UK! Why not spend a day or two around interesting and inspiring L&D professionals, discussing the latest best practices, trends and challenges in the eLearning industry today?
Come and visit our award-winning team of experts at the World of Learning Exhibition, taking place 15th-16th October in the Birmingham NEC. We’ll be based right next to the Live Demo Zone on stand E175.

Please feel free to contact if you’d like to schedule a meeting!

Docebo Inspire 2019: Platinum Sponsor GuyKat

GuyKat are proud to announce that they are Platinum Sponsors at this year's DoceboInspire Conference in Atlanta. This is the third year that GuyKat have sponsored the event and the first time it has been held in Atlanta. More details about the event can be found at

Jack's hopes for DoceboInspire

GuyKat are proud Platinum Sponsor of this year's DoceboInspire Conference. The event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. 16-18 Sep.

This Q&A session with our eLearning Support Analyst Jack Rixon outlines the expectations and hopes he has prior attending the show.

What part of DoceboInspire excites you the most?

As this is my first time attending the event, I am looking forward to attending DoceboUniversity. Although I have been working with Docebo daily now for 2 years, there is always new things to learn to enhance knowledge. Learning from each other is really encouraged here at GuyKat that's why DoceboU is a perfect opportunity to utilise that.
I could name a bunch of things I'm interested but I'm most intrigued in looking further into automation of the platform as it is clear to be a feature of the future making everyone's life easier!

Any speaker you're looking forward to the most?

There are so many interesting people talking about all things that matter over the two conference days! However, I'm most excited to hear the Key Note Speaker Jason Silva who's a well known thought-leader. Apparently, our CEO Guy McEvoy will also be announcing one of the Keynote Speakers and will give a short speech. I definitely don't want to miss that.

Where can you find GuyKat at DoceboInspire?

As a Platinum Sponsor we're going have a stand that you won't be able to miss. We'll be at the Outlook East and West conference room at level 14!

Many of our team members will be attending conference talks and workshops so if you spot any of us don't be shy and say hello! We'll be happy to talk about Docebo, Professional Services or eLearning content!

What are you expecting to take away from this event?

It's all about the experience for me. It will be nice to put some of the faces to the names I have been emailing & speaking on the calls online for the last couple of years. It's really much about building a connection and relationship with clients/partners when communicating face to face! But outside of that, I want to be able to expand my general knowledge on Docebo and to see some of the new tools used in action!

What can customers expect to see and take away from this event?

Clients attending DoceboU will be able to learn all kind of admin tricks about the product. Even though I use the system day-in, day-out I'm hoping that I myself can learn a few neat new features or cool how-to's or workarounds.

Folks attending only the main DoceboInspire days will have an opportunity to listen to the success stories of other users and maybe generate ideas how to accelerate their platform using available services. I know that my team mates who've been to the last couple of years have found it a brilliant event. It's good to feel a part of the Docebo community. Obviously, I'm also hoping that Docebo clients are able to find out a bit more about what GuyKat do, and how we can help them push their platform to the next level.

If you'd like to set up a meeting with any of our team members from Professional Services or/and eLearning side please contact

The importance of Social Learning

'Social Learning' has been a buzz phrase for some time and L&D departments may feel under pressure to 'do social learning'. It's important to remember that it won’t be appropriate for every learning need. There is a time and a place. However, in the right circumstances encouraging social learning can be a great enabler for performance enhancement.

What is Social Learning? In simple terms, Social Learning takes place when we learn from observation of others; by watching their behaviours and the consequences or outcomes they lead to.  For example, a small child might learn by observing the unruly behaviour of a sibling and the subsequent reprimand by a parent.

If you’re interested to learn more, we’d suggest starting with Albert Bandura’s early work which is often associated with the theory.

Social Learning has always been important; after all it is probably one of the oldest and most natural ways in which people learn.  More recently though we’ve witnessed two significant step changes in its application:

  1. Firstly, advancements in digital technologies have led to a plethora of widely available social and/or collaborative technologies.
  2. Secondly, we’ve seen a vast increase in organisations who are recognising, embedding & encouraging social learning within their workplace.

We all regularly learn from our peers, regardless of their location or function, using social learning technologies such as wikis, instant messaging, discussion forums and even video. Nowadays, when we talk of 'social learning' in the L&D space, typically we mean social learning using digital technology. This is a narrower definition than the academic one.

What are the benefits of Social Learning?

  • Social Learning encourages collaboration in the workplace - if you have an expert (or someone who can help) within your organisation, why would you go anywhere else?
  • Beyond the technology investment, the learning itself is often free or of minimal cost.
  • Social learning enables you to learn at the point of need and put that learning into action quickly.
  • It’s often quick; so has minimal impact on a learner’s working day.

Does Guykat help implement Social Learning? Social Learning is very high on our agenda at GuyKat.  We’ve already developed a number of technologies that enable us to build innovative social interactions into our eLearning content.  This is an exciting option for our clients. Combining both social and traditional eLearning adds to the learner’s enjoyment of the module, whilst potentially increasing their retention of the content. Done well, this ultimately leads to an increased return on investment.

Do we practice Social Learning internally? Absolutely! We don’t think that GuyKat could function without it! We’re a very supportive team and have created a fantastic culture for collaboration and sharing.  We’re quite diverse, in terms of our location, experience and specialism so we tend to make very good use of our messaging forum.

"It never ceases to amaze me how there is always someone there who is able to help here at GuyKat",- says our Learning and Development Consultant Claire Kirkby-Webb.

If you want to learn more how GuyKat can help you implement Social Learning into your daily corporate life, please contact

Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate?

We often get asked ‘which authoring tool is better?’ Captivate or Storyline? We explain that both Captivate and Storyline rock. However, our sense is that if you take two equally bright people with identical skills and you gave one Storyline and one Captivate, then after a couple of days your Storyline user’s content would appear to be better. It would be the same story after a week or a month, after three months they’d maybe be neck and neck, but after six months your Captivate user would be limited only by their imagination while your Storyline user’s material would start to look ‘samey’ (which isn’t to say it is better or worse learning).

Put simply, Storyline has a much shorter learning curve and you’ll look great quickly. The flip side is that you’ll also hit its capability limit sooner and be using hardcore workarounds to extend capability when you attain mastery in a way that you would not if you had mastered Captivate.

So, both tools are great. We'd recommend either. But remember they are just tools. Having a saw and workbench doesn’t make you a carpenter. Having a rapid authoring tool will not make you an instructional designer. Enthusiastic or even reluctant amateurs can and do make brilliant material with these tools. In the modern workplace budget constraints often mean that option is all you can do. However, if you want to train thousands of people, if you have a proper training budget, if you want to concentrate on your day job rather than the technology and if you want the training to truly engage then the DIY approach is misguided. You would likely be better commissioning a professional agency such as ourselves to build your online training for you.

But back to the initial question, if we really had to pick just one, which would we go for?  Our company makes eLearning for third party clients, we are doing it all day every day, and we primarily choose Storyline*.

*This is a 2019 update of an article first written in 2012. The most significant change is the very last word which originally said 'Captivate' and now says 'Storyline'. In recent years Storyline has closed the capability gap significantly. Although you do hit a limit in capability with Storyline, that limit is comfortably higher than the bar of 'very professional looking output'. We still are proud expert users of Captivate, but now use it less frequently, usually for very complex requirements. For the vast majority of projects with straightforward requirements Storyline is more than capable and the workflow more efficient.

New GuyKat Logo

Guykat have released their new logo! It brings a cleaner, more modern typeface for the company name. It also introduces a new design element, which according to designer Dan Kirby was 'inspired by the letter G'. The design element will frequently be used standalone, without the word GuyKat, across the company's marketing material.

The move will see the retirement of the original 'cloud based' logo which has been in place since the company was founded in 2009. The new logo will be phased in across all channels over the coming weeks. The style guide also includes a 'white' version for use on a blue background.

Mark Broadbent has been named Chief Operating Officer by GuyKat. The new role will focus on leading the eLearning agency’s aggressive expansion plans. The scale-up program includes moving to a new, larger UK head office at the Innovation Campus Birmingham, UK and the opening of a physical office in the USA. Mark joins GuyKat after a varied 20 year career in various consulting and leadership roles with companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Cadbury, Unilever, PA Consulting and 02.

CEO, Guy McEvoy, said; “I’m delighted to be bringing Mark on board. It’s taken us over a year to find someone we believed could scale us up quickly without damaging the existing culture. Mark understands what our current staff and clients find so special about us. The international dimension will make keeping this magic whilst growing so quickly particularly challenging, but I’m excited to have someone I trust to drive this forward."

Mark Broadbent said; ”It is an honour to join a company with such a strong culture. I am proud to be part of this new adventure at GuyKat, leading the scale up programme and excited about what the future has in store.

About GuyKat

GuyKat have seen year-on-year revenue growth over 20% each of the last five years. They work with some of the worlds biggest brands to deliver engaging eLearning programs and platforms that are used annually by tens of thousands of learners and professionals world- wide. They enjoy a strategic partnership with Italian founded, Canadian based Learning Management System provider Docebo.

For all press enquiries please contact:

Guykat have received support from the Business Growth Programme 2. The Business Growth Programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Birmingham City Council. Councilor Jayne Francis, Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture at Birmingham City Council said; “Local businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy and supporting companies like Guykat Solutions Ltd are very important to Birmingham City Council. Securing this grant has enabled the agency to make a real difference to their business and we look forward to supporting their growth and that of other SMEs through this initiative.”