Birmingham has some of the best universities in the UK.  They’re full of bright people with ambition to join innovative organisations.  One of those bright people is Megan, our current intern in the eLearning team. Today she is sharing her experience of her three month long internship. For her, it’s a part-time paid job while juggling university work!

1. How did you find out about the internship at GuyKat?

I’m on the Impact Internship. This internship is available exclusively to final year students and recent University of Birmingham graduates. Impact Internships are partnered with start-ups and small or medium-sized enterprises; giving their successful applicants the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a growing, innovative business. Since I am a UoB student, I found this job when it popped up in my academic emails.

2. What attracted you to the role at GuyKat?

I am currently studying for a BSc Computer Science degree. My favourite aspects of the course are those that include UX and front end development. My enjoyment in using creative technology, such as Adobe programs and markup languages, has made me want to explore a creative career. Needless to say, when I saw the job title “Digital Media Designer/eLearning Developer” I knew that this role would give me the creative satisfaction I was looking for.

When I first saw the job advert, I didn’t fully understand what was meant by the term “eLearning” but I already had developed an interest in learning technologies. A few years ago I made a Japanese character learning aid in Java and was planning to make a system for teaching HTML/CSS as my dissertation topic. I also enjoyed teaching children how to code at CodeCamp. I was attracted to this role because it perfectly balances everything I am interested in: learning, technology, creativity and design!

3. What were the main tasks you were given?

Initially, I had to become efficient in using Storyline since it is one of the most important tools utilised by the eLearning team. I then recreated some of the existing features and special effects and took on a client project – I found this extremely fun, it was rewarding being able to reach the company standards of branding. Since then, I have had great opportunities to work on several projects by making pdfs, website designs, illustrations and more.

4. What were your highlights during the internship?

One of my highlights so far is learning how to use Adobe Illustrator since I’ve always wanted to teach myself how to use it. When I was told I would need to learn how to use this software, I asked if I could have access to the software over Christmas so that I could get a head start. I am now beginning to understand how powerful this tool is, especially since it has unique capabilities that can be used to make graphics.

A further highlight would have to be visiting one of our clients in their London office. This was a kick-off meeting with a medical device company’s L&D managers to outline a few months of work worth delivery on various projects. This was a highly valuable experience and I loved getting to know our clients in person.

5. What do you enjoy about working with GuyKat?

The thing I enjoy most about working at GuyKat (other than getting to be creative every day, obviously) is the atmosphere in the office. Everyone at GuyKat is super lovely and they all make the office an incredibly pleasant place to be! We also have a hotdesking system, this is brilliant because I sit next to someone different every day. This system helps to keep my mind fresh and increases my productivity. I always look forward to coming in to work and I feel incredibly lucky to have found an occupation that I love!

6. Any advice or tips for students or graduates looking for a career in Digital Media?

I would have to say, make sure that when you write your applications you sound as enthusiastic as you feel about the job you’re applying for. My cover letter for GuyKat was the first cover letter that I was eager to write! I was so thrilled about the prospect of the job, and the opportunities that it would bring, that it was no problem expressing my excitement when applying.


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