The GuyKat team is excited to be attending Europe’s leading workplace learning event – the Learning Technologies 2020. The event is focused on organisational learning and technology that supports and enhances learning at work.

The event takes place in ExCel London, 12-13 February 2020. You can find GuyKat stand just on the left-hand side of the main entrance of the exhibition hall.

With 8,500 attendees, over 200 exhibitors and 200+ free seminars, the exhibition hall will be packed with information about emerging technology that will set trends for the upcoming year.

Every year there is a different buzzword. This year you will hear a lot about VR, AR, but four years ago it was all about bitesize learning and microlearning. Our CEO, Guy McEvoy will look at the key takeaways from the Microlearning topic that are essential to this day and are shaping our industry’s most innovative work. He will explore bitesize examples, including quizzing and interactive PDFs.

Join Guy McEvoy’s free seminar at Theatre 2, February 13th, from 1:10 pm.

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