GuyKat are proud Platinum Sponsor of this year’s DoceboInspire Conference. The event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. 16-18 Sep.

This Q&A session with our eLearning Support Analyst Jack Rixon outlines the expectations and hopes he has prior attending the show.

What part of DoceboInspire excites you the most?

As this is my first time attending the event, I am looking forward to attending DoceboUniversity. Although I have been working with Docebo daily now for 2 years, there is always new things to learn to enhance knowledge. Learning from each other is really encouraged here at GuyKat that’s why DoceboU is a perfect opportunity to utilise that.
I could name a bunch of things I’m interested but I’m most intrigued in looking further into automation of the platform as it is clear to be a feature of the future making everyone’s life easier!

Any speaker you’re looking forward to the most?

There are so many interesting people talking about all things that matter over the two conference days! However, I’m most excited to hear the Key Note Speaker Jason Silva who’s a well known thought-leader. Apparently, our CEO Guy McEvoy will also be announcing one of the Keynote Speakers and will give a short speech. I definitely don’t want to miss that.

Where can you find GuyKat at DoceboInspire?

As a Platinum Sponsor we’re going have a stand that you won’t be able to miss. We’ll be at the Outlook East and West conference room at level 14!

Many of our team members will be attending conference talks and workshops so if you spot any of us don’t be shy and say hello! We’ll be happy to talk about Docebo, Professional Services or eLearning content!

What are you expecting to take away from this event?

It’s all about the experience for me. It will be nice to put some of the faces to the names I have been emailing & speaking on the calls online for the last couple of years. It’s really much about building a connection and relationship with clients/partners when communicating face to face! But outside of that, I want to be able to expand my general knowledge on Docebo and to see some of the new tools used in action!

What can customers expect to see and take away from this event?

Clients attending DoceboU will be able to learn all kind of admin tricks about the product. Even though I use the system day-in, day-out I’m hoping that I myself can learn a few neat new features or cool how-to’s or workarounds.

Folks attending only the main DoceboInspire days will have an opportunity to listen to the success stories of other users and maybe generate ideas how to accelerate their platform using available services. I know that my team mates who’ve been to the last couple of years have found it a brilliant event. It’s good to feel a part of the Docebo community. Obviously, I’m also hoping that Docebo clients are able to find out a bit more about what GuyKat do, and how we can help them push their platform to the next level.

If you’d like to set up a meeting with any of our team members from Professional Services or/and eLearning side please contact