DevLearn 2019 saw 4,000 attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada explore the future of Learning and Development.

As a Marketing professional that works in the L&D industry, it’s a joy to be with so many peers who are just as passionate about improving corporate training.  

One theme that came up repeatedly was the rise of the  LXP (Learning Experience Platform). This has been a big area of focus for GuyKat over the last year. We no longer think of Docebo as ‘just’ an LMS. Over the last few years, as more features have been added to the system, we’ve watched Docebo become an LXP. This has opened up loads of new possibilities for our clients. Many of the sessions in the conference reinforced to me that a lot of the work we are doing is very much at the cutting edge of helping people realise the benefits of moving from an LMS to LXP mindset.

Another key theme was the importance of marketing in L&D. I’ve been passionate about this idea for some time. It isn’t about ‘marketing’ in the sense of engaging external customers or stakeholders, but using the same techniques to engage internal learners. When I talk about this with our team in the UK, I now have some great case studies to reinforce my point!  

Overall, DevLearn was brilliant. I got to meet some amazing people, re-connect with some dear friends from Docebo and meet the only non-human citizen in the entire world – Sophia the Robot. Already looking forward to going back next year!