Now that everyone’s back after the holidays, eLearning Designer, Emma Powney sits down to discuss her biggest takeaway from 2019.



What’s been exciting you throughout 2019 in the world of eLearning?

We did a lot of work for SkinCeuticals that I loved being a part of. One project stood out, the GuyKat team was challenged to refresh existing eLearning modules. Design was a large focus in this project and that’s a huge passion of mine, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The objective of these modules is to educate key field staff about their most successful products and help them choose the right product for their end consumer.

One of the things I love about my job is to be able to work with large brands like SkinCeuticals.  I’m one of their consumers myself, and I love being educated about the science behind their products. 

Tell us about the relationship GuyKat has with SkinCeuticals

The relationship started early last year.  We worked virtually but still close with the Associate Vice President of Global Education, Becky Watkins who is based in New York. As a result of the module redesigns, we had the pleasure of meeting Becky last month when she flew out to visit us in our new Birmingham HeadQuarters. This gave us a chance to review our ways-of-working and discuss future eLearning projects for 2020, which we are all very excited about!  It was lovely to hear such great feedback.

How did the day look with a client on-site?

Our main aim for Becky’s visit was to discuss the collaboration with GuyKat on the upcoming eLearning projects. We always want to be seen as a partner rather than just a supplier.  This type of meeting helps us build on that. Together, we reviewed Becky’s existing content and shared ideas to come up with the best learning solution for each module. As a result, we are at the beginning stages of developing two large projects which we are eager to roll out in the next couple of months.

Elaborate on why it is important to schedule face-to-face meetings with the clients on sizeable projects like this.

One of the benefits of meeting our clients face-to-face is that we’re able to be so much more creative. We both have ideas that we can share to make the modules as interactive and engaging as possible for the end-user. We can also get to understand their passion for the company they work for, which in turn, gets us excited about the project. This is an invaluable time to learn the right ‘voice’ from our clients which we just wouldn’t receive over email.  Again, our best work is done when we work as a partner, rather than when we just build to a brief. Client’s know their content, but we know how to make ideas and key points come together online. When we mix our clients knowledge with our skills, the output can be truly world-class.

We also love hearing feedback on our ways of working with clients, so the visit from Becky was a perfect opportunity to start the meeting with what worked well on our first project and what we could improve on in our future working relationship.

What are your expectations for 2020?

This year we have a lot of exciting projects coming up, with SkinCeuticals being one I want to continue to drive forward. We want to build on our ongoing relationship and continue to deliver engaging content. 


“GuyKat is an essential partner for the LMS programme for SkinCeuticals. An awesome agency that can do everything under one roof – from LMS landing pages to content development.” – Becky Watkins, SkinCeuticals


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