–GuyKat Service Announcement–

GuyKat today proudly announce the launch of their re-seller partnership with forMetris. Starting immediately, GuyKat will offer forMetris products to the UK & Ireland market. The new partner is a French-based software provider whose solutions focus on ensuring that ROI from L&D initiatives can be measured.

The products are aimed at all enterprises who have significant investments in training provision. The solutions offered complete the wider suite of offerings from GuyKat which allow a full end-to-end service to clients. GuyKat now offer bespoke eLearning (in house), LMS and LMS management (Docebo), authoring tools (Elucidat), off-the-shelf learning (Open Sesame), and now eLearning evaluation and ROI assurance (forMetris).


” There’s a famous quote from Wannamaker that ‘half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is I don’t know which half’.  I think the same could be said by most L&D directors about their learning spend.  They commission development programs, or purchase suites of training, but then struggle to get visibility of what is really working.  There’s been a gap in the market for tools which bring this visibility. We’re excited to be working with forMetris to bridge that gap in the UK.”

GuyKat CEO, Guy McEvoy

 “We’ve been talking with forMetris for over six months and truly getting to understand the product. Having met the forMetris team out in Toronto at the back end of last year, and having formally agreed the re-seller agreement, we’re looking forward to introducing the product to our UK clients.

LMS Consultant, Joanne Payne

For more information please contact our consultant Joanne Payne at joanne.payne@guykat.com