Today, GuyKat announce the general launch of ‘interactive live video’ as a new product option. The announcement comes after successful pilot projects at two key clients.

Lead developer, Hannah Quinton said; “We’re always looking at the mix of eLearning solutions we offer. We’ve made brilliant animated, narrated and bite-size material for years. But we’ve previously used third party providers to bring ‘live action’ video into the mix.  Investments in new kit together with experience from the pilot projects have brought the studio capability in-house. We’re going a step further. Video can move from something you press play and watch, to something you interact with. A film character can talk to you. What they say next will depend upon your interaction. This means learners can have different experiences depending upon their choices. We’ve done this ‘scenario based’ approach for some time with animation, but bringing it to ‘live action’ film is a step change.”

GuyKat founder, Guy McEvoy said; “We’re excited about the opportunities for our more ambitious clients.  We still offer all our core delivery options and will help clients chose the mix that is right for them. In most cases budgets will mean that our award-winning animated solutions will still be first choice.  However, for mission critical learning programs, where a classroom based roll-out may be the alternative, interactive video can  be both incredibly compelling and cost-effective.”

If you’re interested in discussing an interactive video engagement please either contact your GuyKat account manager, else contact info@guykat.com