Click to begin demo (not for phones)

This blog post covers two things. First, we’ve been doing more interactive video for clients and want to share a demo. Second, we’re meeting L&D professionals who are scratching their heads at how to adapt L&D strategy to suit the behaviours of millennials they’re hiring.  We’ll be releasing a white paper on the millennial question soon, but as a teaser we’ve quickly put together a demo that is both a (very) basic example of how you can use interactive video format, and also trails some of our white paper findings.

Click image above to begin demo – note this is built for desktop/tablet – this particular example has not been designed to view on a phone sized device – we do build responsive, interactive video that works on phones, but for this demo we wanted the extra screen space afforded by a desktop.

If you want to be added to the distribution list for the white paper on release then please email with the subject ‘white paper’.