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New year is a great time to learn something new.  Maybe something IT related; Photoshop? JavaScript? Ruby-on-Rails? Or perhaps you got a camera for Christmas and want proper DSLR lessons? Could there be some web stuff you need to understand; Google analytics? Adwords? Twitter?

At there is a comprehensive library of world class instructional videos on all these subjects and so many more. It is eLearning at its best. There are over 4200 courses at the last count. As a subscriber you have access to all this content. GuyKat are proud to be Lynda affiliates and recommend their content without reservation. Their subscription prices represent astonishing value. Ten days free trial is more than enough time to do several courses and if you don’t like it you’ll never have to pay cent. Give it a go. Learning new stuff can be life changing.


How can I get the equivalent of 60 days / 2 months free at Lynda? Did you know that if you subscribe to a yearly plan rather than monthly you get 12 months for the price of 10?  You could think of that as either 60 days free or a discount of $75 on the full premium package!  Additionally, with the full year premium package you can download lessons for offline use.  This is a big deal if you travel a lot and use Lynda on your mobile device. You can access these plans and take the seven day free trial by clicking here.

What lessons and content are available? Goodness, there are over 4200 courses to choses from.  Far too many to list.  But just for example, there are lessons for Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro, Microsfoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note, Evernote, Illustrator, Google Apps, video editing, general business education, accounting, marketing, soft skills, photograhy, building eLearning, sound recording, animation, etc.  The content is superb. Remember, once you subscribe you have access to the entire library

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